People in academia need to take stock of the current ‘culture’ on college campuses where many people aren’t even allowed to speak without being mobbed. I’m pretty sure Trump had nothing to do with that.

The Daily Caller reported:

University President Laments Trump’s ‘Degradation Of Our Culture’

A university president lamented the “degradation of our culture” caused by President Donald Trump, in a Tuesday column.

Wesleyan University President Michael S. Roth made this remark and others critical of Trump in a column for The Washington Post.

“The climate on campus [during graduation] is always festive, but this year, we can’t help but be affected by the pollutants of cynicism and craven disregard for principle in our national atmosphere,” Roth noted. He has served as a university president for nearly two decades, first at California College of the Arts and now at Wesleyan in Connecticut. “The Trump White House has set the tone, and far too many politicians and pundits are dancing to the tune. Graduating students will be entering a world in which invective, insult and manipulation threaten to become the norm.”

Wesleyan University’s head emphasized intellectual inquiry and diversity of thought in his column, but went on to characterize life in the United States as life “under an anti-education regime.”

“President Trump’s disregard for facts didn’t prevent him from being elected, of course, but that doesn’t mean as educators we should give him a pass when he lies, when he incites hatred, or when he engages in reckless behavior that undermines the very notion of learning from one’s mistakes,” Roth explained, going on to note that many individuals who supported Trump in the election have shown disgust at his “dangerous rhetoric” and his policies.