This has been done at other schools before now. In a matter of time, lots of schools will offer it.

Campus Reform reports:

UConn creates Minor in ‘social justice community organizing’

The University of Connecticut now offers a minor in “Social Justice Organizing” that offers students the opportunity to practice “community organizing and political advocacy.”

According to the university, the minor “provides interdisciplinary classroom instruction in the theories, histories and formation of social identities, structural inequalities, and movements to foster social justice and equity in the United States.”

In order to complete the minor, students must complete 15 credits from a pre-approved selection of courses, including at least three credits from courses addressing “Identities, Intersections, and Categories of Analysis” (Group A) and “State Structures and Systems of Inequality and Control” (Group B), as well as six credits related to “Creating Social Justice, Equity, and Freedom” (Group C).

In addition, students must complete a “service learning/internship” (Group D), through which they are expected to “learn about valuable experiences and practical skills in social justice community organizing.”

Among the courses available to fulfill the Group A requirement is one called “Masculinities,” which focuses on the “social construction of masculinity and how maleness is gendered” and aims to examine “the multiple forms of masculinity as influenced by differences in social and cultural expressions of gender, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, disability, and subcultures.”

“Black Feminist Politics” is one of the options for Group C. UConn describes the class as “an introduction to major philosophical and theoretical debates at the core of black feminist thought,” which emphasizes “the ways in which interlocking systems of oppression uphold and sustain each other.”