I’m not sure how this fits in with the current regressive insistence that there is no difference between one’s gender and one’s sex and no such thing as being “masculine” or “feminine,” but Texas Tech is offering a transgender workshop to teach transitioning men how to “sound” feminine.

The College Fix reports:

A workshop at Texas Tech University offers transgender individuals the chance to “work on vocal presentation,” with speech pathologists mostly focusing on helping men who believe they are women develop “feminine pitch and feminine qualities” for their voices.

The program, lead by speech pathologists Angela Van Sickle and James Dembowski, is offered through the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Speech Language & Hearing Clinic, according to a flyer on Texas Tech’s website.

Reached for comment via email, Van Sickle told The College Fix that the group “is for individuals transitioning from male to female or female to male. We focus on voice. We work toward creating a voice that is representative of their gender/sex.”

Van Sickle said that most group members are “transitioning” from male to female.

“The ultimate goal is to help those individuals transitioning from male-to-female with their voice. We work on feminine pitch and feminine qualities,” she said.