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Student: Women’s Studies at Georgetown Emphasizes Activism Over Academics

Student: Women’s Studies at Georgetown Emphasizes Activism Over Academics

“Right from the very beginning”

This is part of the problem with higher education in general. Too many students seem to think activism is the whole point of college.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Women’s Studies emphasizes activism over academics: My experience at Georgetown University

When I initially decided to take a Women’s and Gender Studies class, I knew that the course readings would be liberal-leaning and overtly feminist. I did not know how open the professors and administrators would be about this leftward bias, however.

As I glanced through my syllabus for “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies” on the first day of class, one line in particular stood out:

“Because women’s and gender studies aims to transform knowledge and bring about social change, we will continuously ask ourselves how the ideas we learn about in our readings and class discussions can be translated into intellectual practice and social activism.”

Right from the very beginning, Women’s and Gender Studies was presented not just as an academic discipline, but as preparation for activism. Many college classes discuss current events and modern day social issues, but none take sides so obviously as Women’s Studies classes.

Our assigned readings for a class discussion on abortion were both written by pro-choice authors, and the professor made no attempt in class to provide an alternative perspective. The theme of class that day was “Health and Reproductive Justice,” because radical feminists love to reframe abortion-on-demand as “healthcare.”


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