High school students in at least forty states participated in a walkout in defense of the Second Amendment and gun rights this week. The walkout was dubbed “Stand for the Second” and while many national media outlets carried the story in print, national television coverage was scarce.

CBS News wrote a story about it:

“Stand for the Second”: Students hold school walkouts for gun rights

Students across the country staged another walkout over guns, but this time it was in support of the Second Amendment. Teens from more than 500 schools marched for gun rights and ownership on Wednesday, organizers said.

The “Stand for the Second” event was launched in response to student-led walkouts in March to show that not all students agree more gun laws are the answer to protect schools. The March protests against gun violence involved students at thousands of schools from coast to coast; Wednesday’s events were more modest in size, but still passionate.

“Students around the country made their voices heard, saying that they support our constitution and oppose gun control,” the event’s website said. “The student movement to protect our rights is not over.”

Stand for the Second was organized by 18-year-old Will Riley, a high school student from New Mexico. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund also assisted in the movement to “protect our natural rights that are enshrined in the constitution,” according to its website.

Riley appeared on FOX News to discuss the event. From the FOX News Insider:

Student Organizes Pro-Gun Walkout: ‘You Can Only Violate a Right, You Can’t Take It Away’

The high school senior who organized a nationwide school walkout in support of the Second Amendment said he is more concerned with protecting the rights of individuals than targeting weapons themselves.

Will Riley, who organized the “Stand for the Second” walkout said people forget that the right to bear arms is, in fact, a right that can’t be taken away.

“You can only violate a right, you can’t take it away,” he said.

According to the organization’s website, the walkouts were held on May 3, during which “Students around the country made their voices heard, saying that they support our constitution and oppose gun control.”

“It’s not about me getting to keep my guns. I don’t have any,” Riley said. “It’s about peoples’ rights. I think that’s how we need to focus on this.”

Here’s the video:

Local news outlets did a great job reporting on the event. Here are a few examples:




As good as that is, it pales in comparison to the hero-like status given to David Hogg and company by CNN.

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