Expertise doesn’t matter anymore. What’s more important is quotas based on identity politics so everyone feels better.

El Pais reports:

Spanish economists and academics to boycott events without female experts

A group of renowned economists and academics from Spain has signed a document promising not to appear as a speaker at any academic event (conference, congress, seminar, etc.) or round-table discussion where there are more than two people taking part but there is no woman present “as an expert.”

The initiative, called No Sin Mujeres (or, Not Without Women), has been backed by 56 men so far. The open list includes experts from various Spanish universities, such as the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as analysts from the Bank of Spain, Elcano Royal Institute and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Spanish professors from the University of York in the UK and Griffith University in Australia have also signed on.

“It is a way to get in tune with a very obvious demand and give a warning to organizers of academic events,” explains economist Emilio Ontiveros. The professor of business economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid says that the women’s marches and strike on March 8, which brought out hundreds of thousands of women across Spain and made international headlines, “has been a wake-up call to all areas.”

Ontiveros explains that the document began to circulate among academics less than a week ago. “It is obvious that we are in a country that discriminates against women. I am in favor of new mechanisms that make it easier for them to rise up.”