The conference is being held in Chicago because of course it is.

Campus Reform reports:

Syracuse group preps for national ‘Socialism 2018’ conference

Members of a socialist student group at Syracuse University are anxiously anticipating this summer’s annual national socialism conference, “Socialism 2018.”

The four-day conference, running from July 5-8 in Chicago, was formed to “[bring] together hundreds of socialists and radical activists from around the country to take part in discussions about Marxism, working-class history, and the debates and strategies for organizing today,” and organizers encourage “everyone with an interest in overthrowing capitalism” to attend.

The International Socialist Organization – Syracuse (ISO-S) is planning to attend the conference, and has begun posting daily testimonials on its Facebook page in which members explain why they are attending.

One member, who has been going to the annual conference for “a long time,” mentioned how “inspiring” it is to be around such a large amount of socialist “radicals.”

“I want to hear from incredible scholars and activists about the history of queer liberation,” she said. “I want to meet feminists and people sort of on the cutting edge of theorizing about how we can make revolution and social change that will benefit us.”

Another member likewise discussed how much he enjoyed attending previous conferences, particularly the discussions and lectures on socialist theory and organizing.

“I went the past couple years, and it really changed my life,” he began, explaining that “before I went, I only knew that I cared about these various social justice issues that were going to be in the talks, and I had a vague idea that capitalism was a big part of the problem, but I didn’t really have a picture of how they all fit together and what we can realistically do to effectively fight now.”