Political correctness almost caused the school to ditch this mascot completely but a task force came up with the change in title.

The Washington Examiner reports:

San Diego State to transition mascot from ‘Aztec Warrior’ to ‘Spirit Leader’ for sensitivity purposes

Administrators at a public university in California have announced that they will be transitioning their “Aztec Warrior” mascot into a “Spirit Warrior” after conducting a “task force” about the cultural identity of the mascot.

According to a report provided to the San Diego State University Senate, university officials have decided that the school’s mascot will retain the name “Aztec Warrior,” but will undergo substantial changes in both demeanor and behavior in an effort to avoid offending Aztec culture.

“The Aztec Warrior, similarly a source of pride for the collective majority, will be retained, but as Spirit Leader, not mascot,” said SDSU President Sally Roush. “There will be immediate and visible changes in demeanor to achieve a respectful portrayal of a powerful figure from Aztec culture.”

Here’s a video report:

Featured image via YouTube.