This makes no sense. Haven’t liberal college students been telling us for months that police are evil and can’t be trusted?

Campus Reform reports:

Leftists call cops to report conservative free speech event

Liberals often criticize law enforcement as a systematically oppressive institution, but don’t seem to have any qualms about turning to the police when conservatives speak their minds.

In late April, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio held a tabling event inspired by Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” videos. The topic was “Hate Speech is Free Speech,” a sensitive subject on a campus where a white supremacist banner was hung last fall and white supremacist flyers were posted this spring.

In response to the white supremacist activity, along with provocative flyers distributed by the David Horowitz Freedom Center that resulted in the group being banned from campus, the university has enacted a “Campus Climate” initiative that allows students to report incidents of bias to promote a “safe” student environment.

The YAF chapter at UTSA responded to this Orwellian measure to suppress free speech by hosting its “Change My Mind” tabling event, generating almost instant controversy.

First, a university staff member immediately approached us about our white board, erroneously claiming that it violated the university’s exhibit policy, and that we had no right to conduct the event because UTSA is a “limited free speech” campus, though the administrator was unable to show us the policy that we allegedly violated.

Then, within the first 10 minutes of our event, an LGBT student group that was tabling nearby called university police in hopes that officers would forcefully terminate our exhibit, though after arriving at the scene, the officers confirmed over radio that YAF was by no means violating UTSA policy.