There are Republican students at Harvard, as hard as that is to believe. Yet most of them don’t feel comfortable sharing their views, which is easy to believe.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

The Graduating Class of 2018 by the numbers

The Class of 2018 was halfway through college when President Donald Trump was elected, and survey results indicate a class unhappy with the current administration and worried for the nation’s future. While not quite suggesting a “Kremlin on the Charles,” the survey results reveal a class of largely left-leaning Hillary Clinton voters who support increased gun control, protections for undocumented immigrants, and former president Barack Obama. But over a third of respondents also disapprove of the Democratic Party, and two-thirds said they had withheld opinions in class out of fear of offending their peers…

Classroom Politics

Two-thirds of surveyed seniors said they had at some point chosen not to express an opinion in an academic setting during their time at Harvard out of fear that it would offend others.

78 percent of registered Republicans said they had withheld opinions in class, compared to 59 percent of registered Democrats and 73 percent of registered Independents.

Forty-seven percent of students surveyed believe that faculty should included warnings in their syllabi when their courses cover sensitive material, while 36 percent believe that they should not. That’s a marked uptick from previous years—around 40 percent of the Class of 2017 supported content warnings, and 31 percent of the Class of 2016 did.

Fifty-nine percent of surveyed students who identified as liberal support warnings for sensitive material, compared to 23 percent of respondents who identified as conservative.