The desire to divest from fossil fuels is driven by the left’s climate change hysteria.

The Huffington Post reports:

Harvard Overseer Resigns In Protest Over University Endowment, Fossil Fuel Investments

A member of one of Harvard University’s governing bodies resigned Tuesday over ethical concerns surrounding the school’s multibillion-dollar endowment, including investments in fossil fuels, an action that some environmentalists described as a “powerful act of conscience.”

With just one day left on her six-year term on Harvard’s Board of Overseers, Kathryn A. “Kat” Taylor resigned in protest over what she described as the university’s failure to adopt ethical commitments tied to its endowment, according to a letter she sent on Tuesday to the university’s leadership, including incoming president Lawrence S. Bacow.

Among Taylor’s top concerns were the burning of fossil fuels, land purchases that may not respect indigenous rights, water holdings that threaten human access to water, and investments that threaten the safety of children and first responders.

“For Harvard to continue to profit from activities that might and likely do accelerate us toward climate disaster, enslave millions to unfair labor practices, or proliferate more and more weapons in society that threaten especially young lives is unconscionable,” wrote Taylor, who graduated from Harvard in 1980.

Taylor now serves as CEO of Beneficial State Bank, a community development bank that she co-founded in Oakland, California, and which supports economic justice and environmental sustainability by offering loan capital to those aligned with its mission.