Men are contributing more cash, and the school wants women to step up. To pay their fair share, if you will.

The Daily Caller reports:

Dartmouth Wants To Fix Gender Gap In Its Donations

Dartmouth College wants to fix the gender gap in donations, according to a Thursday report.

Men currently give Dartmouth 2.5 times more money than women, a figure which has decreased from a factor of 4.7 since the 2014 establishment of the Centennial Circle — a female alumni group that has contributed at least $100,000 to Dartmouth’s financial aid program — The Dartmouth reported. But the school wishes to even the donation gender gap even further.

“We have a lot of work to do, but we’re seeing that women are giving at all levels, not just $100,000,” Centennial Circle director Mindi Laine told The Dartmouth.

Laine noted men, but not women, were receptive to fundraising tactics that turned donating into a competition between various Dartmouth class years. Laine now aims to bolster female donations by having women encourage each other to donate.