There are few issues which bring out the left’s holy inquisition more than climate change.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Cornell to teach climate deniers are ‘Deranged Authority’ in new course

Students at Cornell University can sign up for a course on “Deranged Authority” for the fall semester, where they will be taught that a refusal to radically address climate change is a symptom of derangement.

According to the course description, “Deranged Authority: Culture, Power, and Climate Change,” will focus on topics such as climate denial, as well as perceived rise to power by “reactionary, right wing politics” and the embrace of climate denial by certain figures.

“Climate denialism is on the rise, as are reactionary, rightwing politics in the United States, UK, and Germany,” the course description reads. “In this context, what are the cultural dynamics through which widely publicized, scientific evidence of climate catastrophe falls flat, failing to catalyze social and political reform?”

Throughout the semester, students will learn about different types of authority, with emphasis on environmental authority, that exists in the current time of climate “derangement.” Students will ask, “how does climate denialism become something that people embrace, even and especially with the awareness that climate change is real?”


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