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Cornell Course Will Suggest Denying Climate Change is ‘Derangement’

Cornell Course Will Suggest Denying Climate Change is ‘Derangement’

“Deranged Authority: Culture, Power, and Climate Change”

There are few issues which bring out the left’s holy inquisition more than climate change.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Cornell to teach climate deniers are ‘Deranged Authority’ in new course

Students at Cornell University can sign up for a course on “Deranged Authority” for the fall semester, where they will be taught that a refusal to radically address climate change is a symptom of derangement.

According to the course description, “Deranged Authority: Culture, Power, and Climate Change,” will focus on topics such as climate denial, as well as perceived rise to power by “reactionary, right wing politics” and the embrace of climate denial by certain figures.

“Climate denialism is on the rise, as are reactionary, rightwing politics in the United States, UK, and Germany,” the course description reads. “In this context, what are the cultural dynamics through which widely publicized, scientific evidence of climate catastrophe falls flat, failing to catalyze social and political reform?”

Throughout the semester, students will learn about different types of authority, with emphasis on environmental authority, that exists in the current time of climate “derangement.” Students will ask, “how does climate denialism become something that people embrace, even and especially with the awareness that climate change is real?”


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“Climate denialism is on the rise, as are reactionary, rightwing politics in the United States, UK, and Germany,”…

Why do I suspect that “rightwing politics” is what they are actually afraid of. Because, as everyone knows, only “rightwingers” are stupid enough to deny Climate Change™!

Anyone who claims to be a professor and teaches a class to the course descrption needs to fired, tenure or not. I suppose if someone raises the term “Maunder Minimum”, this professor will be baffled. If anyone points out that the raw data has shown no warmng since 1998, he will fall back on the “adjusted” data with no understanding of what and how the data was adjusted. If anyone tells him the 97% of scientists twaddle, he will agree immediately because he does not understand how that was calculated. To call a contrary opinion, backed by facts, “deranged” is the epitome of a professor who is not qualified to be one.

Haverwilde | May 8, 2018 at 6:59 pm

Anyone who has studied climate will say that the climate has changed. It keeps changing. To deny that, well, is on a par with flat earth believers. The cause for climate change is the question. Humans may have contributed some small part to a changing climate, so may cows, volcanoes, and gravitational pulls from other planets.

But…It’s the Sun Stupid…

The Left is forever redefining language to bolster there abhorrent philosophy/religion.

“scientific evidence of climate catastrophe falls flat”

Their definition of “scientific evidence” must be different from mine.

And now we have Universities declaring the scientific method to be a psychological malady requiring treatment. How reminiscent of the old Soviet gulag model. What’s next, are we going to see calls for the imprisonment of those who disagree with the official viewpoint of those in power, courts to enforce ideological purity, and other Stalinist behavior?
Why is it that when you see calls for the elimination of a right found in the Constitution, it is almost exclusively a Leftist pushing it? Why is it that those who continually condemn America are almost always Leftists. Why is it that the most virulent racists and bigots are almost always Leftists. Why is it that those who are the most vile sexual predators in positions of power are almost exclusively Leftists? Why is it that nearly everyone pushing the idea of you either believe what they claim or violence will ensue is a Leftist? Why is it that nearly everyone who demands that states and others should violate the law because it clashes with their values are Leftists?
Why is it that those who push for religious freedom, who value life, who value the the implementation of the law, who value real free speech, who believe in traditional values, who believe is allowing a true discussion where both sides are allowed to speak and argue, who believe in tolerance and respect, who believe in due process, who believe in honesty, and so forth almost always are conservatives?

Notice that this issue is being put in terms of “mental issues”. Ties in so well with the push to revoke Second Amendment rights for “mental issues” on anonymous accusations, or the unsupported word of authorities, and making sure any fig leaves of due process are only AFTER your guns are seized.

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