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Commencement Speaker at All Women’s College Angers Students by Criticizing #MeToo Movement

Commencement Speaker at All Women’s College Angers Students by Criticizing #MeToo Movement

“I have little patience with the woman who arrives breathlessly at her boss’s hotel room for a so-called conference”

This happened at Sweet Briar College and the speaker, a woman, is also a graduate.

FOX News reports:

Commencement speaker at all-women’s college blasted for criticizing #MeToo movement

A commencement speaker at a Virginia all-women’s college upset students and alumni for her criticism of the #MeToo movement on Saturday, according to a report from Inside Higher Ed.

The #MeToo movement has driven up the demand of female speakers during commencement ceremonies, according to the The Associated Press. So attendees of the Sweet Briar College graduation ceremony seemed taken aback when speaker Nella Gray Barkley – a 1955 graduate of the college – said she only gives the movement “partial sympathy” when discussing sexual harassment and feminism.

“I have little patience with the woman who arrives breathlessly at her boss’s hotel room for a so-called conference,” Barkley said in speech that was not vetted by the college. “What does she think was going to happen?”

She came under fire for comments to the graduating students like “it is you who makes the ground rules,” that it’s “only natural for men from Mars to follow the shortest skirt in the room.”…

Almost immediately after her speech, in closed Facebook groups, students and alumni began criticizing Barkley, calling it “shameful and disgusting” and that the school should be “embarrassed” for hosting her. The college, however, strongly defended her speech.


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Morning Sunshine | May 18, 2018 at 12:32 pm

she ain’t wrong.

“She ain’t wrong”

Which only makes it worse.

Old sexist joke : “what’s worse than arguing with your wife/girlfriend?”
Ans : “being correct.”

It’s a trait not exclusive to the fairer sex, btw.

There is actually a triad of bad behavior driving real #metoo incidents.
1 – the (most often) Liberal Lothorio who equates power with license.
2 – the in-the-know Sgt. Schultzes who for either personal or political reasons let it slide.
3 – the occasional target willing to trade. If they didn’t exist, the unwilling would be safe.

    DJ9 in reply to BobM. | May 20, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    “3 – the occasional target EAGER to trade. If they didn’t exist, the unwilling would be safe.”


healthguyfsu | May 18, 2018 at 1:24 pm

SBC almost closed a few years ago…wonder if an SJW brouhaha will be the death blow.

    Morning Sunshine in reply to healthguyfsu. | May 18, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    which is too bad…. I think single sex education is an overlooked option for improving education of both boys and girls.

goddessoftheclassroom | May 19, 2018 at 10:00 am

I am a Sweet Briar alumna and one of many who worked to save the college. I am also a member of the closed Facebook group in which this discussion took place.

The sort of young woman who chooses Sweet Briar does so for what it offers; SJWs go elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that Sweet Briar students are not concerned with [social] justice; it’s that they have other priorities.

The college will not close over a commencement speech. On the other hand, I imagine that the student government may ask that from now on speeches be vetted. We shall see.

I have a simple solution for the #metoo movement. If you want to make a complaint against someone, then you must also give up all advantages which may have been gained from the activities of that complaint. In other words, if you are an actress, and sleeping with an agent got you a part in a movie, then you need to give up whatever advantages that “basically whoring yourself out” got you in return, up to and including any Oscars. You used your sexuality to gain an advantage over a lesser appealing, or more highly principled, person. How was that fair to them. You individuals scream for equality in the workplace, but immediately drop to your knees when it suits your position, so don’t come crying to us later. Why is it those most concerned with merit seem to be the same group that uses everything but merit to get ahead? This way, the much smaller number of true, actual, cases of harassment can be addressed. At least the women who dress provocatively, and then glare at men who stare at them, are freely outing themselves as dingbats to be avoided. If you were so concerned to advance the causes of women, then take sex off the table completely and see how well you stack up in the running. The hot-crazy matrix is there for a reason. 😉

I think the most exasperating example was the girl who was hanging out with Dustin Hoffman. I have a basic rule, which is, “given the right circumstances, everyone is capable of anything.” The key to life is to recognize and avoid those circumstances, and hopefully, most of them will be taught and pointed out by your parents. So for her to end up where she did, all the blame falls on her parents, who should have known better, or maybe they were just whoring out their child for a better future, like the parents of any child who ended up at Dreamland Ranch. Regardless, victim culture is the polar opposite of responsibility culture. And all victim culture teaches is that you CAN have your cake and eat it too. “Once you lose your integrity, the rest is pretty simple.” JR Ewing