California seems determined to do everything it can to spite Trump, even if their decisions ultimately bankrupt the state. They already have an illegal immigration problem. Won’t offering free healthcare to illegals make the situation worse?

Nick Givas reports at the Daily Signal:

California Could Become First State to Offer Health Care to Illegal Immigrants

Orange County 2nd District Supervisor Michelle Steel said Monday on Fox Business’ “After The Bell” that California could become the first state to offer free health care services to illegal immigrants.

“California has 1.5 trillion in debt and on the top of it, that we have $258 billion unfunded pension liability. We’re talking about only two big unions we’re talking about, like public employees union and teachers union. Only that, $258 billion. How are you going to add more money for health care coverage for illegals?” Steel said. “I mean, this is almost like obnoxious.”

Steel said the state government is pushing its agenda too far and thinks its financial estimates are unreliable.

“In 2015 they passed under 18, illegal immigrants that they can get the coverage. They say it was only going to cost only $182 million. It ended up costing $280 million. Almost double that,” Steel added. “So when they say it it’s $3 billion you don’t know how much it’s going to cost. We’re talking about 1.2 million people. You know what? They are really pushing it way too far.”

Here’s the clip from FOX Business:

If you think this isn’t all about defying Trump, guess again.

Victoria Colliver writes at Politico:

California rebukes Trump with health care push for immigrants

California is poised to become the first state in the nation to offer full health coverage to undocumented adults even as the Trump administration intensifies its crackdown by separating families at the border.

The proposal — which would build on Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2015 decision to extend health coverage to all children, regardless of immigration status — is one of the most daring examples yet of blue-state Democrats thumbing their nose at President Donald Trump as they pursue diametrically opposed policies, whether on immigration, climate change, legalized marijuana or health care…

But at a time when Trump is already attempting to re-energize state Republican voters — he met with California conservatives at the White House last week to strategize against the state’s sanctuary policies — the initiative might be risky. For starters, it will be costly: The annual price tag to expand Medicaid benefits to poor adult immigrants without legal status is projected at $3 billion annually. Some also worry that extending health coverage could make California a magnet for undocumented immigrants from other states.

There’s a famous quote attributed to Ronald Reagan:

“If you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it.”


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