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California Democrats Push Communist Holiday Over U.S. President’s Birthdays

California Democrats Push Communist Holiday Over U.S. President’s Birthdays

History repeats itself because evil never goes away.

California’s elected Democrats are pushing for a communist holiday, at the expense of a U.S. President’s Day. Remember during the Cold War when “better dead than Red?” was the thinking?

History repeats itself because evil never goes away.

Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, authored AB-3042 to combine the birthdays of U.S. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln into one “President’s Day” while designating May 1 for International Workers’ Day, a Communist holiday. The bill has passed two Assembly committees, and actually made it to the Assembly floor for a vote last week, but came up short. However, 22 Democrats voted in favor of the bill’s passage, while 29 Assembly members abstained with “No Vote Recorded,” and did not even have the guts to make a vote.

With the Cold War a distant memory, the left would like Americans to forget that May 1st, “May Day,” is the most important day of the year for communists, socialists, and anarchists. In the Soviet Union and communist bloc countries, May Day is celebrated with huge parades, showcasing missiles, tanks, and military might, brigades of goose-stepping troops, Communist red flags, and banners of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Santiago is another career politician supported entirely by big labor unions. His previous job was the District Director for former Assembly Speaker John Perez. Yes, he’s just another Capitol staffer who ascended to elected office, with no real-world experience.

In non-communist countries the communist and socialist parties have always held May Day celebrations, usually under the auspices of the U.S. labor movement deemed “International Workers Solidarity Day.”

How quickly we forget.

If passed, Assemblyman Santiago’s bill would:

“authorize a school district, county office of education, or charter school, instead of observing “Washington Day” and “Lincoln Day” as separate school holidays, to designate the 3rd Monday in February as a single school holiday to be known as “Presidents’ Day,” if the school district, county office of education, or charter school designates May 1 as “International Workers’ Day” and closes its school, or schools, as applicable, on the Monday or Friday of the week in which May 1 occurs to observe “International Workers’ Day.” The bill would require schools that elect to observe “Presidents’ Day” and “International Workers’ Day,” pursuant to the bill’s provisions, to hold exercises in memory of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and to commemorate and direct attention to the history of labor movements in the United States.”

In fact, according to Santiago, in the bill analysis he states that the need for the bill is, “Today, many of California’s students have never learned about the incredible struggles that workers undertook to win basic labor rights and build the middle class. In addition, many students in California do not know about the important role that immigrants have played in the labor movement and their fight to win basic human, civil, and economic rights.”


The Democrat Party is Destroying America

The Democrat Party, no longer preaching liberalism or democracy, has adopted many communist intentions to destabilize and destroy America, from cultural rot, to demonizing prayer and religion, to socializing and destroying public education, to open contempt for the rule of law.

This bill would make May Day a state-mandated holiday and force schools “to commemorate and direct attention to the history of labor movements.”

“I’m aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee,” Republican Matthew Harper, R-Long Beach, argued on the floor of the State Assembly. “Are we going that far to the left?”

“This is ridiculous, this is insane, this is un-American. And for folks who think that the U.S. won the Cold War with the Soviet Union, this makes it sound like we’re going in the other direction — that indeed California is kowtowing to the Soviet domination of the Cold War,” Harper added.

It’s also rather hypocritically ironic that since the election of President Donald Trump, the left has been irrationally claiming that he and his campaign colluded with the Russians to win the election. But wait… this bill indicates that Democrats and the left uphold communism… so which is it?

I would argue that all of the frivolous school holidays should be cancelled altogether so that students may be taught about the deadly consequences of the policies advocated by the Democrat supermajority in our state legislature, as well as the evils of Communism, which is responsible for more than 100 million brutal deaths and murders.

California’s Leftism

Immediately following the November 2016 election, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D) to replace State Attorney General Kamala Harris, who won election to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Many wondered why Xavier Becerra was chosen by Brown. But all anyone needs to do is observe the radical California Legislature, and fanatical Gov. Jerry Brown, to see the trend of militant Marxist, Socialist, Jesuit, Liberation Theology, Latino activism on the increase.

The goal by these extremists in California is to push the state, and eventually the country to such a crisis, a reorganization is the only cure. That is what Communists do. Modern day “Progressives” as they like to be called, like Brown and Becerra, refer to themselves as Multiculturalists and Progressives. But as history very clearly demonstrates, using Marxism as the cure to anything in society is a very dark fairytale.

The term “progressive” is simply another way of saying “socialist” or “Marxist;” But it’s as important to recognize how liberation theology factors into the radical Latino lawmakers: In Latin America, the big enemy is not Marxism, it is capitalism.

An article I wrote in 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown: Facilitating The Inevitable California Collapse, explains: “Destroy the middle class in America, and Socialism takes over—economic growth is killed, people turn on each other, free speech is attacked, the government grows and becomes more tyrannical, and individuals are not treated equally under the law.

Karl Marx authorized any means necessary to establish communism. When those inevitably violent means are used to set up states that collapse after killing and enslaving millions, his apologists claim it just “wasn’t real communism,” and try again.



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Henry Hawkins | May 14, 2018 at 7:11 pm

X Marx the spot.

We already have a Labor Day. I notice he isn’t proposing to move it.

GeorgeCrosley | May 14, 2018 at 7:42 pm

Presidents’ birthdays, apostrophe after the “s”. Like Kemberlee, Katy Grimes is unfamiliar with the plural possessive.

    alaskabob in reply to GeorgeCrosley. | May 14, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    There is only one president and His name is the Most Serene Disciple of the Left Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH). Now one can just deal with the singular POSsessive.

      alaskabob in reply to alaskabob. | May 14, 2018 at 8:07 pm

      Maybe “apostle” rather than a disciple.

      Communism can be cushy if you are an inner party member with a dacha. Chairman Brown and the PDRK’s Politburo have a really good gig these days as Trump’s American economy lifts all boats. Even those that are not fully sunk yet.

    oldgoat36 in reply to GeorgeCrosley. | May 14, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Obama certainly believed it was President’s Day, and far too many people in the US seem to think it is not a commemoration of Washington and Lincoln, but for all Presidents past. Such is the lost history when those two were combined and now for most people, holiday canceled in favor of Martin Luther King Day.

    Not all Presidents have been particularly noteworthy, nor were all very good. This too is a failing of history being taught where instead it is social studies that only teaches select things that are part of the indoctrination program.

Militant Jesuit activism?

The Democrat Party has been full of communists and communist sympathizers since the 1920s. Not just minor party officials, but high ranking party members and politicians, such as FDR, feel quite at home with Communist leaders, including Joseph Stalin. While seemingly enamored of the ideal of communist “equality”, what they really are attracted to is the very visible total autocratic rule of most communist governments.

As to the seeming lemming-esque drive of California politicians to destroy the State of California, this is simply the mirror for Democrat politicians all across the country. They are intent upon destroying the civilization which makes the world great.

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | May 15, 2018 at 8:28 am

    You poor old boob, showing your ANTI-history again…!!!

    FDR was no communist. Some of his cabinet people were, but FDR was another kind of Collectivist; a fascist. That’s the economic model he adopted, leaving the ownership of business in the hands of its owners, while controlling most aspects from D.C.

    JFK was ardently ANTI-Communist

    Even LBJ had no real communist leanings, though, like FDR certainly a Collectivist.

      Mac45 in reply to Ragspierre. | May 15, 2018 at 11:26 am

      FDR was a socialist. His wife was a great admirer of Joseph Stalin. There were several communists and communist sympathizers in his cabinet and the upper levels of his administration. Oh, wait, you said that already didn’t you? Also, FDR felt very comfortable dealing with Joseph Stalin and trusted him, even though Uncle Joe had invaded Poland right along with the Germans, after allowing them to develop their military might in the Soviet union.

      Communism is merely one type of socialism, as is fascism. Both require that individualism be submerged in order to better serve the collective. Being a “conservative” you surely understand this. Conservatism is largely built upon the idea that individualism is paramount and that the state exists to support the individual, not the other way around.

      JFK was opposed to communist expansion around the world. Whether this was a philosophical objection to the concept of socialism or simply a realistic view of an expanding superpower through means of philosophical surrogates has never really been clear. Remember, Kennedy ran for President in a time when the Expansion of the Soviet Union was THE threat facing the US and the Western World. Of course, it was. So, everyone who had any hope of being elected to national office ran on an anti-communist [read as anti-Russia] platform.

      LBJ led the charge to expand socialism in this country with his Great Society and its War On Poverty, extensive expansions of social welfare programs. It was designed to make lower income people more dependent upon the government and the Democrats who ran it, by redistributing wealth through the government. What does that sound like?

      No, you are right. Socialism is not a basic tenet of the Democrat party. LOL. They call it a war on poverty and they fight it through a redistribution of wealth . Your wealth, not the wealth belonging to the Party leadership.

        Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | May 15, 2018 at 1:49 pm

        No, old lying buffoon. Nobody made any such comment that “socialism is not a basic tenet of the Democrat party”.

        Collectivism in all its forms certainly IS and has been something that many Deemocrats have dallied with historically, and so have Republicans. That’s still the case today.

        This goes back well before the 1920s, again, on both sides of the “tribal” divide. There’s a good argument that Jamma Charrta was a LESS Progressive POTUS than was Tricky Dick.

buckeyeminuteman | May 14, 2018 at 9:26 pm

Isn’t Presidents’ Day already a federal holiday? What does California recognizing it have to do with “workers”?

SpaceInvader | May 14, 2018 at 9:41 pm

Remember when the motto was fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here? Well, looks like they are here anyway.

Here’s a better idea—celebrate Joe McCarthy’s birthday. Sure, he was an annoying bottom-feeder, but he was right about the Communists.

Joe’s gone, but the Communists are still here … obviously.

It is not the Democrats who are destroying America by their support for communism/socialism and such. What is destroying America are those people who support the Leftist initiatives. If people did not support the democratic Party and their Leftist garbage, then there would be no problem. It all comes back to people not wanting to learn, not wanting to know how to think, people not wanting to do the work to find out their own information on a topic, and so forth. America is trending towards socialism because socialism is for lazy people who are too lazy to think for themselves or perform their own research. It’s welfare for the brain.

Good ole Commiefornia,now why are they still a state of the union,they can’t slide off in to the Pacific soon enough.

Victims of Communism Day would be a better day to celebrate.

40+ million dead from communism

What about VC day – Like VE or VJ day. Except we are still fighting

    Barry in reply to Joe-dallas. | May 15, 2018 at 10:53 pm

    “40+ million dead from communism”

    That “+” stands for roughly 110 million more. The Soviets killed more than that all by their selves.

Henry Hawkins | May 15, 2018 at 3:21 pm

From each Californian according to his means, to each Californian according to his needs.

Seems to me they’re already there.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 15, 2018 at 6:46 pm

The Communist CA folk should set up some suicide packs such as this one.