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Branco Cartoon – Barred


1st the college speakers
2nd the comedians
3rd political cartoonists??? :0


Roseann is crass, and not the most intelligent, but the network was probably looking for a way to shut her down when it saw she was successful, and that concerned them more than ratings for the show. Of course it is the double standard, the left justify their stupidity by changing things to what they aren’t.

Racist tweet? What is racist about what she said? Are they now claiming that Planet of the Apes is racist? Or that the Apes are a metaphor for blacks who take over the earth? Roseann picked up on the looks of Jarrett, and the control the leaders of the PotA movies had. Obama did nothing without getting the go ahead from her, she was the power thinking behind the throne.

I see this as yet another attack on Trump, but the people who are swing voters seem to be catching on and not liking it. It isn’t hard to see the double standard applied, and it is going to hurt them when they see people just tuning out of their “twisted” view.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 31, 2018 at 8:51 am

Great cartoon.

Maybe we can get a similar one about Traitor Gowdy ripping off his fake face to reveal his Hillary face.

“Although we are still not privy to many of the details, the facts are undeniable: the top echelons of our Federal law enforcement and intelligence communities led an illegal, covert spying operation against an American presidential candidate with the intent of sabotaging the campaign. After that failed, the goal was to manufacture false evidence of a crime to oust and/or kneecap him as a means of covering up their crime. The only thing yet to be confirmed is was all of this at the behest or direct involvement of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.”

Ace of Spades about Howdy.

kenoshamarge | May 31, 2018 at 10:06 am

I do not like Roseanne. I never liked her or watched her show(s).

But if you believe in free speech then you can be revolted by her and still allow her to speak/tweet or send smoke signals to get out her message – whatever that is in her gerbil powered brain.

Two things can be true – she’s a disaster and ABC should have know she would be since she always has been.

Second, she was the victim of the double standard epidemic in media. If she was a liberal like Samantha Bee what she said would be fine and dandy.

Great cartoon and depiction of ABC and their double/lack of standards.

4th armored div | May 31, 2018 at 10:39 am

ABC initially thought (I presume) that Barr would fail and they could say ‘tolja there weren’t many supporters of Trump.
suhprize she had a yuge hit.
so any excuse to dump her.

    MajorWood in reply to 4th armored div. | May 31, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    I wonder if this will lead to a pre-emptive cancellation of Last Man Standing before it airs. Tim Allen still has traction despite what the networks want to do to him.

Question: if Planet of the Apes is insensitive towards blacks, why isn’t it banned?

Did anyone really believe that suddenly Roseanne was some Conservative Icon? I surely didn’t. I think we were supposed to fall for that and cheer her on until we realized that who they were laughing at was us.

It’s too pat as far as I’m concerned. This is aluminum foilish but here goes:

ABC is stunned to see Roseanne’s reboot actually make money.

But that doesn’t mean squat. The Infortainment industrty would rather lose money than see any thing about Conservatives be positive. We’ve seen this before.

So they call her up and say; ‘doesn’t matter your ratings cause the ppl who count don’t want to see a 2nd season and have actual truth be told about conservatives or normals.

Roseanne says ‘okey dokey i’m up for it. Let’s see if I can say something really outrageous and have the conservatives back me up and either way you can cancel but it will look like you were forced too.’

And thus evolved her infamous tweet.

But surprise surprise there was all that much push back by conservatives except to point out the double standard.

And now they can do whatever they wish. Maybe sell the show to a pay channel. who knows who cares.

And don’t think that they don’t do choreographed stuff like that all the time. They’re propagandists and have been for over 70 years. They know how to manipulate the public. Just sometimes they misjudge the audience.

Me. I couldn’t care less.

Had to laugh (sorry) when seemingly everyone, including the drug’s maker, jumped all over the ‘Ambien excuse’. It was an ironic laugh, however, because dis-inhibition, just as with alcohol, and fugue-like states such as sleep-walking, sleep-driving, even sleep-cooking are known side-effects, listed in the package insert, of Ambien. People who suffer these side-effects almost always have no recollection of them, though some do.

Racism is indeed not a side-effect of Ambien, but tweeting batshit crazy stuff in the middle of the night sure can be. She could also be disingenuously blaming the drug’s effects, but it’s very possible she’s telling the simple truth.

Samantha Bee, on the other hand, has no such potential excuse, no excuse at all in fact.

If a person has a history of doing stupid shit when they are drunk or on a prescription drug, then the blame for those actions still falls on them. Ambien may explain the appearance of tweet, but it doesn’t excuse her physically posting it. That being said, I think the tweet was pretty much spot-on.

The new tactic of the left is to call everything they object to as “racist,” which then means there is no further discussion about what was actually said, and it all becomes a focused attack against the person who said it. Hopefully a huge settlement in the Oberlin case puts this to end, or at least curbs it a bit. Racism is the new “Hitler” as far as stopping open discussions in their tracks.

The libs need to be forced to explain why it is racist rather than having everyone take it at face value in a headline. Similarly, arresting someone for committing a crime and getting caught while doing it is NOT profiling, another word that is thrown around too loosely to win arguments. Again, the Oberlin case should take a hefty bite out of that too. And what I really want to see is Gibson’s going after individual students for their actions, once the big trial has been concluded. That’ll take a big bite out of the prospective SJW student pool.

Bee et al enjoyed a huge freedom under Jon Stewart and the Daily Show in general. But there is a new adult in the room, and that is why they are so pissed. How long until they sink to Hogg’s level with a lie (double entendre) in?