While Trump gets protested on college campuses, Hillary gets honored by the Ivy League.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Yale Law School to create the ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton Fund for the Public Interest’

Only a couple of weeks after former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offended millions of Americans by calling Trump voters “backwards,” Yale Law School has announced the creation of a fund in her honor.

According to the Yale Daily News, several former classmates of Clinton, LAW ‘73, have successfully convinced Yale Law School’s development office to create the “Hillary Rodham Clinton Fund for the Public Interest,” which will provide financial support to recent Yale graduates for year-long fellowships following graduation.

The project was spearheaded by Rosalind Fink, LAW ’72, a former classmate of Clinton who expressed a desire to promote Clinton’s “legacy” while also hoping to recruit friends of the Clinton’s to open up their checkbooks and contribute money to the fund.

“[The] idea was to connect her legacy to the Law School’s increasing model of public service due to clinics,” Fink said. “So we’re hoping that friends of the Law School and friends of the Clinton’s will contribute to the fund.”