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Washington U. St. Louis Campus Bookstore Sells Che Guevara Dolls

Washington U. St. Louis Campus Bookstore Sells Che Guevara Dolls

“indicative of the campus culture as a whole”

The far left’s love affair with Guevara is still going on, even on college campuses.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Campus bookstore sells Che Guevara dolls

Washington University in St. Louis is allegedly selling stuffed dolls of the controversial Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara at its on-campus bookstore.

Red Alert Politics obtained a picture of the doll (seen above), apparently resting on a bookshelf in the campus store, according to a student who wished to remain anonymous.

“Selling a Che Guevara doll in our bookstore truly isn’t that shocking considering the lack of intellectual and political philosophies that are ‘tolerable’ for our campus, sad as it is to say,” the student told Red Alert Politics, adding that the incident is indicative of the campus culture as a whole.

“Professors are not only quick to make personal statements regarding their individual political orientation but they also openly express disdain for anyone who voted for Trump,” the student commented. “I have, for this very reason, remained a ‘closet conservative’ for over six years at my university so as to fly under the radar and ‘escape’ with my second diploma.”

The doll is part of a “ Little Thinkers Dolls ” collection, which also sells Karl Marx memorabilia.

Featured image via YouTube.


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IS it a full action figure? Does it come with doll victims as well?

The Left has gone full retard on Che.

TheIconoclast | April 29, 2018 at 12:11 pm

This is the image of Che that should be on T-shirts…


I have a Che T-shirt to which I have added Argie-speak.
“Si sos hincha de Che, sos hincha de pelotudo sin cerebro.”
Translation from Argie-speak: If you’re a Che fan, you’re a fan of a brainless asshole.”

Che’s image should be printed on rolls of perforated paper and widely distributed to the public.

Does it come with pins?