Just when you thought campus snowflake culture couldn’t get any worse, we get this.

Vice News reports:

This University Has a ‘Cry Closet’ for Stressed-Out Students

Look, college can be pretty rough, no matter what Van Wilder promised it to be. It crams you into shitty dorms with even shittier roommates, overwhelms you with debt, and ravages your brain with early-morning classes. But the University of Utah has apparently hatched an exciting new plan to help students deal with the dark side of higher education—by letting a student install a “cry closet” in the campus library.

Thanks to the new closet, which was dreamed up by University of Utah student and visual artist Nemo Miller, college kids can relieve their stress, one private sob at a time. Buried in homework and feeling down? Dumped via text while studying for midterms? Just plop out a few tears in private and get back to work!

According to the rules posted on its door, the closet—described as a “safe place for stressed-out students”—has a strict ten-minute-per-weep policy, presumably to accommodate all the college kids in need a brief bawl.