Are we still considering the UK part of western civilization? Because this is what statist countries do, but I repeat myself.

Alfie Evans is the almost two-year-old suffering from a degenerative neurological condition. A judge ruled that because most of his brain is not functioning properly, Evans would be removed from life support.

Pope Francis intervened, Italy granted Evans citizenship and had private transport and a hospital bed waiting for him. Yet still, the judge refused to allow Evans to leave Alder Hey Hospital. In their last and final legal opportunity, the judge again denied Alfie’s parents permission to take their sick child elsewhere for care saying it’s in the best interest of the baby to die at Alder Hey. Alfie’s parents are not allowed to take him home because the judge believes they’re a flight risk.

Can’t have a child sentenced to suffocate and starve to death by the NHS prove he’s able to live despite their abhorrent decision, you see.

So far, baby Alfie has made it 36 hours and counting off of life support.

Protestors have surrounded the hospital and some reports say as many as 30 guards are stationed outside and throughout the hospital to protect staff and ensure Alfie’s parents don’t make a break for it with their baby.

Now, local law enforcement has threatened to ‘act upon’ individuals commenting about the horrific situation on social media.

In Internet Land, words like ‘tyranny’ and ‘fascism’ are so overused and misapplied that they’ve practically lost all meaning. But this is as tyrannical as anything: a government has decided a child must die “with dignity” (which is just a bullshit term used to whitewash advocating for the death of an undesirable) and is now threatened to punish any private citizen who objects.

As an added bonus, a British man was sentenced to 8 months in jail for flipping a traffic camera the bird and driving with a laser jammer.

There is no free speech in the UK. Not anymore.

And be sure to remember all of this next time people in our country sing the praises of the British healthcare system and government. Because you can bet your bottom dollar this is where the U.S. is headed unless we experience a quick and swift change of course.

Terrifying. All of it.


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