Another example of a university advancing the left’s agenda with progressive talking points.

Campus Reform reports:

Poster campaign tells students to ‘Check Your Privilege’

The University of San Francisco is running a “Check Your Privilege” campaign in an effort to educate students, faculty, and staff about the “social inequalities of privilege.”

The university’s website explains that the initiative seeks “to begin the discussion around privilege and social inequalities in an effort to raise critical awareness of the institutional oppression often seen in the United States of America,” providing a series of posters identifying various forms of privilege.

The posters were conceived in 2014 by a team of USF professors who initially intended to circulate them for only about two weeks, but decided to continue the effort after receiving a positive response from students and colleagues. USF has since devoted a full page of its website to the campaign, along with an additional page fleshing out “white privilege,” specifically.

“We live in a society that is often oppressive to certain groups of people,” the school asserts. “However, we all carry particular types of privilege(s) that allow us to advocate for social justice and change in various situations.”