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U. New Mexico Puts up Trigger Warning Sign at Pro-Life Event

U. New Mexico Puts up Trigger Warning Sign at Pro-Life Event

“Topics Discussed May Be Uncomfortable or Controversial”

What’s the subtext here? That pro-life events are controversial and students are right to be offended?

The College Fix reports:

University of New Mexico puts trigger warning on pro-life event: ‘may be uncomfortable’

The University of New Mexico is having trouble keeping its rationale straight for forcing its own messaging on campus events hosted by student groups.

It seems to be singling out the Students for Life chapter with particularly strong wording while giving special treatment to an anti-rape group, despite the fact that both events addressed the same subject. And the taxpayer-funded university is exempting other groups entirely.

Students for Life of America wrote Thursday that its regional coordinator arrived on campus to see a sign placed ahead of its We Care event for rape survivors (below). It warned passers-by: “Topics Discussed May Be Uncomfortable or Controversial.”

Another campus event by the It’s On Us campaign against campus rape featured a milder sign that such groups often voluntarily use to warn victims of sexual violence. It read “Trigger warning: Content related to sexual assault will be discussed ahead.”


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