President Donald Trump has announced that he asked our armed forces to strike targets associated with the chemical weapons in Syria.




Trump promised we won’t have a permanent presence in Syria. He said that deterring against the production and use of chemical weapons in Syria “is a vital national security interest” to America.

He also took a shot at Syria’s biggest allies, Russia and Iran. Like Ambassador Nikki Haley, he reminded us that we are here now because Russia broke its 2013 promise to get rid of chemical weapons in Syria.

It also looks like France and the United Kingdom will join us in striking Syria.

What we know about the chemical attack in Syria from last weekend:

About 500 people may have been affected by a suspected chemical attack last week on Syria’s rebel-held town of Douma, according to the World Health Organization.

It remains difficult to place an exact figure on the number of people killed and wounded Saturday on the outskirts of Damascus, a development that has pushed the United States and its allies to the verge of military confrontation in Syria.

But in a statement Wednesday, WHO, citing reports from its health partners, said an estimated 500 patients seen at medical facilities exhibited symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals.

These symptoms included respiratory failure, severe irritation of mucous membranes and disruption to the central nervous system.

WHO said more than 70 people taking shelter in basements reportedly died in the attack, with 43 of those deaths related to exposure to toxic chemicals.

Two health facilities were also affected, its statement said.

The Syrian government and Russia, its key ally, have vehemently denied involvement and accused rebels in Douma of fabricating the chemical attack claims.

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