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Staff at Temple U. Unlearning ‘Gender Binary’ to be More Inclusive

Staff at Temple U. Unlearning ‘Gender Binary’ to be More Inclusive

“Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter?”

In the future, everyone will have to undergo training to accept the left’s world outlook. Oh wait, that’s happening now.

The College Fix reports:

Temple U. staff ‘unlearning’ the gender binary to be more ‘inclusive’

Faculty at Philadelphia’s Temple University are looking for ways to be more “inclusive and thoughtful” of their charges’ gender identities, and this means … “unlearning” the gender binary.

That’s actually part of this Temple News story‘s headline which highlights the classroom efforts of transgender political science professor Heath Fogg Davis. Davis’s 2017 book “Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter?” discusses how “minimizing public references to gender can help create a more equitable society.”

“My argument in the book is not that we try to live beyond gender, but [to minimize] the formal use of gender and gender policies because of the ways it infringes on people’s individual autonomy,” Davis says. “In an ideal world, I wish that we all used a gender-neutral pronoun.”

Davis has his students write down their preferred gender on a card at semester’s beginning so that a “universal design” comes about, a.k.a. the “elimination of unnecessary references to gender.”

“We’ll see how it works,” Davis says. “I want to see what the students’ feedback is, but I think that it can be helpful if everybody does it.


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Feeding a delusion really is sick.

nordic_prince | April 6, 2018 at 9:28 pm

For people who supposedly “Celebrate Diversity!” they sure do expend a lot of effort to shoehorn everyone into the same gender-neutral paradigm.

At the other end of the spectrum, their ideological compatriots want to insist that gender DOES matter…otherwise, the whole shtick about “female brains in male bodies,” etc. is completely moot.

So, which is it? Is gender irrelevant, or is it important enough to mutilate your body and subject yourself to unnatural levels of sex hormones for the rest of your life? You can’t have it both ways.