Oh boy. I admit my jaw dropped when I saw that Fox News host Sean Hannity is the third client of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s attorney,

Social media erupted and Twitter-lawyers came out in full force to spin the narrative to their liking. After all, Cohen appeared on Hannity’s show a few times like in the featured image. Here are some of the best ones.

Professor Jacobson made this point earlier: “Contrary to what a lot of reporters are tweeting, it doesn’t matter that Hannity never retained Cohen in a matter, signed a retainer, or paid attorney’s fees. He still was, for legal purposes, a client if he consulted even informally for legal advice.

BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER! Apparently, privilege doesn’t count if you’re Sean Hannity or Trump. Some people even think that Cohen must have “fixed” something for Hannity.

As people speculated, Hannity released statements and addressed it on his radio show: