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Report: Private Sector Employers Find Trump Admin Aides Too “Toxic” To Hire

Report: Private Sector Employers Find Trump Admin Aides Too “Toxic” To Hire

Trump aides need not apply

We talk all the time about how divisive our nation has become, but when talented, capable professionals are rejected because they have “Trump cooties,” we achieve a whole new level of leftist intolerance and bigotry.

Apparently, current and former Trump White House aides are having a hard time finding new jobs because Trump.

BuzzFeed reports:

Trump administration officials looking to escape to the private sector are getting a rude awakening: No one wants to hire them.

Companies and firms who used to recruit from presidential administrations and brag when they were successful in poaching an aide are making the calculation that the risks of bringing on a Trump administration official outweigh the rewards, according to interviews with 10 current and former administration officials, top recruiters, and lobbyists who did not want to be named to talk candidly. . . .

The leadership at a prominent, bipartisan Washington public affairs firm went as far as to make an active decision not to hire from the Trump White House because of the “reputational risk” associated with it, a former White House official was recently told. The official asked BuzzFeed News not to disclose the name of the firm.

In another case, a White House official said he was rejected out of the blue for a job after being given indications he would be hired and was explicitly told his affiliation with the Trump White House had been a problem for some at the company.


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Normally WH staff hires are expected to act as “ins” to the current administration. Companies banning anyone who worked for Trump as hires obviously believe the Dem wet dream that Trump won’t last thru his first 4 years. Either that, or they’re so partisan that they’re afraid they’ll catch the cooties.

    SDN in reply to BobM. | April 14, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Or they look at the level of violence and potential violence directed at people like Scott Pruitt and Ajit Pai at the FCC, and realize that they don’t want the mobs at their doors.