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Purdue Profs Angry About Losing Control of Writing Guide

Purdue Profs Angry About Losing Control of Writing Guide

“Stereotypes and Biased Language”

The writing guide came under fire when it got a little too politically correct. The school got raked over the coals and took control of the writing guide away from the staff. They are not pleased.

Campus Reform reports:

Profs blast Purdue for taking control of writing guide

Faculty members at Purdue University are blasting the administration for “yielding to pressure from donors or outside media groups” by imposing oversight on the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

The OWL came under scrutiny in February after Campus Reform reported on its “Stereotypes and Biased Language” handout, which instructed students that “the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers should be avoided.”

After the story gained national attention, with some outlets erroneously describing the admonition as a “ban on man,” Provost Jay Akridge announced that editorial control of the OWL would be handed over to an advisory board working in conjunction with the dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

According to the Journal & Courier, the Purdue College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Senate voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a statement condemning the university’s handling of the matter, saying its members are “unequivocally opposed” to such administrative oversight and that faculty members should have complete control over “educational content” such as the OWL.

“The CLA Senate declares that only CLA faculty members have the right to make decisions about educational content in the College of Liberal Arts,” the statement asserts. “It is unequivocally opposed to educational policies or content in the College being dictated by administrators yielding to pressure from donors or outside media groups, whether conservative or liberal.”


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Good move by Provost Jay Akridge: it shows what can happen when adults step in and say, “Enough.” Conversely, all the CLA Senate has done is confirm they’re a bunch of spoiled, left wing brats who thought they were untouchable.

Needless to say, the Purdue administration informed them–very correctly–otherwise.