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Profs Explain How Diversity Dogma Flourishes on Campus

Profs Explain How Diversity Dogma Flourishes on Campus

“Social Justice Incorporated”

One professor mentioned below, compares the campus thought police to ICE, which everyone in academia despises.

The College Fix reports:

‘Social Justice Incorporated’: Professors explain how diversity dogma replicates on campus

Student and faculty activists sometimes demand that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials be barred from campus, or even try to shout them down.

But there’s already a group of officials at every college who are “not much different from the local sheriff or agents of ICE,” according to a professor who is leaving his school because of official harassment.

Department chairs and deans are surveilling everything their faculty do, creating chilling effects for academic freedom, Duke Divinity School Prof. Paul Griffiths told a conference on the “crisis” in American higher education at Franciscan University of Steubenville Saturday.

As an immigrant from the United Kingdom, Griffiths said he has experience with both real ICE agents and their university brethren who deport inappropriate viewpoints from academia.

Another member of the free-speech panel chose a corporate rather than governmental analogy for the threats to viewpoint diversity in the academic: “Social Justice Incorporated.”

Not even the election of Donald Trump can stop the influence of “social justice professionals” who are entrenched in public universities, said George Dent, emeritus law professor at Case Western Reserve University and chairman of the Ohio advisory committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

There’s one way to rein in these “SJPs,” Dent said: Governments must cut funding to universities so that they shut down these academic departments that create problems in order to provide the cure, and then expand.


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