Do people on the left really believe behavior like this will draw people to their side or are they just acting out like angry children?

The College Fix reports:

Profs hold protests at, vandalize home of NRA lobbyist

A trio of university professors was the subject of a Friday Washington Post story detailing the “more aggressive” and “personal” tactics of modern gun control advocates.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Patricia Hill, a sociology researcher, allegedly doused National Rifle Association lobbyist Chris Cox’s home twice with “fake blood” — last October and again in January. She was charged with misdemeanor property destruction after the latter incident.

Hill’s UNL colleague Amanda Gailey and Catherine Koebel of William & Mary have taken a more “at the line but not crossing it” approach. They’ve been protesting outside Cox’s Alexandria, Virginia home as well as handing out flyers at his wife’s business.

Gailey and Koebel met via “gun control activist circles” and “connected over agreement that the movement has been too timid.” They now refer to themselves as “The Great American Gun Melt” and want anti-gun activism to utilize “more radical action.”

The profs justify their behavior by deeming their targets “truly indefensible human beings.”

Fro example, Gailey said “People need to stop treating these predatory, sick people [the Cox family] like they’re just a neighbor.”

Such from Gailey should come as little surprise; she was once involved in an incident at UNL where a colleague of hers was caught on video bullying a member of a campus conservative group.


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