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Penn State Students Demand Defunding of Conservative ‘Hate Groups’

Penn State Students Demand Defunding of Conservative ‘Hate Groups’

“The Pennsylvania Student Power Network”

What these students are actually saying, is that they hate conservatives and want them driven from campus. They are the haters.

Campus Reform reports:

Students demand Penn State defund conservative ‘hate groups’

Student demonstrators at colleges across Pennsylvania are demanding that their schools cut funding to “hate groups” such as Turning Point USA (TPUSA) and the Bull Moose Party.

The Pennsylvania Student Power Network, as well as students from other clubs such as the United Socialists, protested Monday outside an administrative building at Pennsylvania State University, complaining that the school provides funding to groups such as TPUSA and the Bull Moose Party, according to The Daily Collegian.

The students also delivered a petition President Eric Barron’s office that urges him to defund the conservative “hate groups” that have “attracted avowed white nationalists to campus.”

Additionally, the petition demands that “school and student activities funds, which mostly draw from students’ tuition and fees, not be used to support student hate groups,” and that “our colleges and universities formally and publicly denounce hate groups on and around campus…”

PSU has pushed back on the accusation that it funds TPUSA and the Bull Moose Party, arguing that neither group receives direct financial support from the school.

“TPUSA and the Bull Moose Party have not requested nor received any funding from the University Park Allocation Committee, the entity that distributes portions of the student-initiated fee for student organizations,” Lisa Powers, a senior director for PSU’s Office of Communications, told Campus Reform.


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Alan McIntire | April 12, 2018 at 11:12 am

“Progressives” oppose free speech. That’s the principal reason I voted for Donald Trump as President. Under President Obama, Christian Copt Nakoula was arrested and incarcerated for exercising his free speech by showing an anti Muslim video on Youtube, ,had Dinesh D’Souza arrested for campaign finance laws that violate the first amendment, after D’Souza released the film ” 2016: Obama’s America”, AND the IRS violate the rights of the tea party group. On April 4, 2018 there was a Washington Post story referring to US Judge Michael Barrett gave preliminary approval of a $3.5 million settlement against the IRS.

It isn’t really about the “funding”. The leftist students just want the conservatives removed from the campus, because they can’t tolerate diversity of thought.

Phil Salvarado | April 13, 2018 at 9:54 am

It always begins in the universities.