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Mainstream Media Suddenly Concerned About Media Bias, Sinclair Broadcasting Edition

Mainstream Media Suddenly Concerned About Media Bias, Sinclair Broadcasting Edition

It’s not the bias that bothers them, it’s that it’s the *wrong* bias

We are truly through the looking glass with this one.

Mainstream media outlets and left-leaning sites are freaking out over a media montage compiled by Deadspin. In the montage, anchors from local news outlets nationwide use the same script (furnished by the Sinclair Broadcast Group) to bash media-driven fake news stories.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group is “the biggest owner of local television stations in the United States, owning or operating 173 of them,” according to CNN.

The company’s conservative-leaning politics have come down to Sinclair’s stations through “must runs” — stories local producers are told to air during their newscasts. The “Terrorism Alert Desk” is a recurring segment. Pro-Trump commentaries by former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn are another “must-run” feature.

The new promo campaign took it to another level, causing even more consternation in local newsrooms.

Scott Livingston, the company’s senior vice president of news, directed stations to have anchors read a script about “fake stories” and “personal bias” plaguing the media, according to a memo obtained by CNNMoney. The script — reminiscent of Fox News’ old “fair and balanced” tagline — cast Sinclair’s stations as the antidote.

I’ll give you a moment to enjoy the deliciousness of CNN et al losing their minds over uniform-messaged newscasting. In the case of Sinclair Broadcast Group, these fake-news bashing editorial decisions were made by higher-ups and passed down to local reporters as “must runs”.

But what if the same exact thing happened across independent news platforms nationwide? What if they all had the exact same messaging and talking points on certain stories?

Rush Limbaugh routinely catalogs identical talking points that can be heard from every left-leaning news outlet in the country on any issue that favors the progressive agenda.

See here:

Oh, and here:

Here too:

I could do this all day.

Amazingly, CNN expresses no similar concerns about the Associated Press, who supplies wire stories to just about every local news market in the country. We’ve discussed the AP’s overt liberal bias at great length over the years, just see here (non-exhaustive link as we have many, many more posts on the subject).

And how can we forget the JournoList scandal?

Monday, Sinclair SVP Scott Livingston sent the following memo in response. It’s lengthy, makes no apology, and skewers critics for failing to incorporate analysis and context in their diatribes about Sinclair:

“I know many of you and your stations are now in the media spotlight after the launch of our corporate news journalistic responsibility promotional campaign. There is a lot of noise out there about our company right now, and what is lacking in that analysis is something we constantly preach; context and perspective.

The critics are now upset about our well-researched journalistic initiative focused on fair and objective reporting. For the record, the stories we are referencing in this campaign are the unsubstantiated ones (i.e. fake/false) like “Pope Endorses Trump” which move quickly across social media and result in an ill-informed public. Some other false stories, like the false “Pizzagate” story, can result in dangerous consequences. We are focused on fact-based reporting. That’s our commitment to our communities. That’s the goal of these announcements: to reiterate our commitment to reporting facts in a pursuit of truth. A new Monmouth University Poll out today says Americans are concerned, in fact, 77 percent of the respondents believe “fake news” is reported at least occasionally in mainstream media. This is a concern that is shared by Democrats, Republicans and Independents. This poll underscores the importance of our journalistic responsibility effort. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy and fact checking.

Here’s some context that our critics don’t mention in their misleading, often defamatory stories about our thriving news operations:

· The critics don’t talk about *your* journalism awards. They seem disinterested that in 2017 *YOU won* more than 400 awards, including 8 national awards for journalistic excellence.

· The critics don’t talk about *your audience growth*: many of your news operations have gained audience consistently and steadily in recent years. We are very proud of this accomplishment and it’s a story our critics ignore. The February 2018 ratings period was a good one for us with more than a third of our stations gaining market share vs. the previous year.

· The critics don’t talk about the capital investments and the staffing additions Sinclair has made in its newsrooms: we have expanded news by 92 hours in 16 markets in the last two years and we have added 78 news positions since 2015 date.

· Recent critics never mention our innovations — like Project Baltimore, Full Measure or Circa or other forward-thinking projects that could help us expand our audiences for decades to come.

· One thing the critics DO seem obsessed with is the roughly 8 minutes a week of clearly labelled commentary that Boris Epshteyn offers in our newscasts each week. The critics continue to say that his former affiliation with Republicans makes him a propagandist. But they never offer any perspective on Boris’ appearances. They never mention that ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos ran Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign and served as a Senior Advisor to President Clinton for 4 years. Stephanopoulos now hosts an ABC political talk shows and co-anchors 10 hours of news a week for ABC. That is 10 hours of ‘must run’ content that all ABC affiliates must carry each week hosted by a former advisor to President Clinton. We have no problem with Mr. Stephanopoulos anchoring these newscasts, but think it is odd that Sinclair critics seem to express zero outrage over this. Critics never talk about Chris Matthews, who worked for prominent Washington Democrats, including President Carter, before becoming an NBC show host. Why don’t the critics of Boris’ at least offer this context? Why are they obsessed with the 8 minutes a week that Boris gets to offer clearly labelled commentary? Remember, no one is trying to hide Boris’ past political affiliations. We label him as a former Trump advisor. We are fully transparent about Boris.

· Regarding 2016 Presidential Campaign Coverage: Media reports have mischaracterized Sinclair’s coverage of the Clinton and Trump 2016 campaign saying that, “(the) Trump campaign made a deal with Sinclair for favorable coverage.”

— Three years ago, our national bureau in Washington D.C. began a weekly project called “Connect to Congress”. Each week, when Congress is in session, we set up a camera in the Capitol Hill Rotundas and offer lawmakers a chance to speak directly to constituents in their districts, through our local stations. On many weeks, more than two dozen Democratic and Republican lawmakers participate in these direct interchanges with our stations in their respective districts. Some lawmakers choose not to participate—which is their option—but all lawmakers, regardless of party, are invited. In the spirit of this highly successful Sinclair project, we reached out to both the Trump and Clinton campaigns in the summer of 2016, offering both candidates—and their surrogates— the chance to speak repeatedly, and directly, to local news viewers, in our Sinclair markets. The Trump campaign responded favorably to the opportunity and, as such, received more direct interaction with our viewers. The Clinton campaign, despite our repeated, documented attempts to arrange such interviews, participated at a much lower level; never once providing the candidate herself for an appearance on a Sinclair station.

— The Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the Society of Professional Journalists reviewed the Sinclair outreach to both campaigns and stated, in part, in December 2016, “After hearing from Sinclair’s representatives and viewing emails between the company and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign, I don’t believe the interview arrangements fell outside what would be considered ethical journalism.”

Honestly, most of the Sinclair critics don’t seem to do their own original reporting. Do you ever notice that a story written about Sinclair from a west coast publication will include a lot of the same talking points—often the same wording— as a story written a week earlier on the east coast? These reporters aren’t producing original journalism; they are aggregating often-flawed-reporting-content published by other media outlets, without fact checking it—or calling us to confirm any of it. By contrast, we have hundreds and hundreds of journalists in Sinclair, who go into the field each day, conduct their own original interviews –face-to-face—and create truly original content for our their local audiences. Your original reporting is our core strength. It’s why we are growing and our critics are increasingly becoming obsolete. It’s why surveys show news consumers trust you more than they trust the bloggers.

Local news is at the heart of Sinclair. Our agenda is to serve our communities by sharing relevant information to alert, protect and empower our audiences. That’s our daily commitment. We live it and breathe it — each and every day. Thanks for all of the hard work and commitment to our viewers. Our viewers appreciate it—and I do too!

We can and should have a discussion about uniform news messaging and the fact that ultimately, lack of variety and independence is detrimental to the integrity of news and information (if the former even exists anymore), but that’s not what CNN and the rest are upset about.

They’re upset that in this particular case, the wrong kind of bias is finding its way into the public newsphere without first being run through the progressive translation machine.

It’s far more difficult to maintain a monopoly on the message when anchors in every small town, mid-sized city, and major metropolis are trashing your bias and fake newsery.


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Wikipedia: “JournoList was a private Google Groups forum for discussing politics and the news media with 400 “left-leaning” journalists, academics and others.”

USA Today: “Zuckerberg vows to weed out Facebook ‘fake news’ (nov. 2016).”

This is CNN: “Hillary Clinton calls fake news ‘an epidemic’ with real world consequences (Dec. 2016).”

Kemberlee Kaye at LI: “Rush Limbaugh routinely catalogs identical talking points that can be heard from every left-leaning news outlet in the country on any issue that favors the progressive agenda.” (journolist legacy)

Nope. Lefties didn’t set their hair on fire, nor claw their eyes over this type of left turn only collusion within the MSM. But they did and do about ‘Citizens United’ because lefties want less speech and more regulated speech – not more free speech. It’s what fascists DO. See: Universities.

And since digital platforms are the go-to outlets for millions of people, it’s why the lefties shat their nappies when so-called (see what I did there?) ‘net neutrality’ was repealed; their foot in the door for regulating content and limiting speech was kicked out. But they’ll be back. Again and again. It’s what fascists DO.

blah deblah | April 2, 2018 at 7:52 pm

Try to watch the video objectively. It doesn’t matter which “side” is doing it. It ought to be a life-changing moment of awareness for everyone. You are the media’s puppet.

Lol little boy Hogg is calling for a boycott of Sinclair

You can’t make this stuff up

tarheelkate | April 2, 2018 at 8:34 pm

Objective reporting, or at least attempts to do that. How refreshing. Makes me want to find out where the Sinclair broadcast stations are.

    YellowGrifterInChief in reply to tarheelkate. | April 2, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    If you need help finding them, you are exactly the audience they are counting on – those and the people who can’t find their remote.

      tarheelkate in reply to YellowGrifterInChief. | April 3, 2018 at 9:06 am

      I know you’re a troll, so this is probably pointless, but there is not a Sinclair broadcast station in my area, according to their website. Sad. If there were, I might actually watch a local news broadcast. As it is, I prefer to read news, not watch and listen. I’m more able to decide if what is presented is credible.

      And the country might be better off if fewer people could find the remote. 🙂

Dr Barnhardt: Tell me, Hilda, does all this frighten you? Does it make you feel insecure?

Hilda: Yes, sir, it certainly does.

Dr Barnhardt: That’s good, Hilda. I’m glad.

Ironically this campaign against Sinclair’s use of scripted stories is…completely scripted and centrally coordinated.

clayusmcret | April 3, 2018 at 6:44 am

They could very easily have led off with “Our owner, Sinclair Group, has serious concern with all of the fake news……” That would have been appropriate. As is, the only reason we heard about it was “anonymous sources” at some of the stations complained to the originators of the story. It would have been more easily accepted with full ownership of the commentary. Just saying, hidden money behind mass positions, regardless of the side, is bad for news.

Anyone who has read the Podesta emails and does not find something fishy about ‘ pizza , pasta ,playing dominoes on pasta or pizza, , handkerchiefs with maps , Hot tubs with 11 9 and 7 year olds as ENTERTAINMENT is a damn fool .