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Library Guide at Dartmouth Includes Information on ‘Feminist Geography’

Library Guide at Dartmouth Includes Information on ‘Feminist Geography’

“using feminism to contravene “masculinist” practices in geography research”

The Ivy League is degrading itself by getting more “woke” every day.

Campus Reform reports:

Dartmouth library guide extols ‘Feminist Geography’

The Dartmouth College library recently published a new guide for students explaining how scholars are using feminism to contravene “masculinist” practices in geography research.

Feminist Geography refers to the “application of feminist theory and methodologies to understanding human geography,” the Dartmouth College guide explains, adding that its goal is to “investigate, reveal, challenge, and change gendered divisions in society.”

Viewing geography through a feminist lens is crucial since gender inequalities “often manifest themselves as spatial divisions with men and women having different patterns of spatial activity, behaviour, and experiences of place,” the guide adds.

Though the field arose in the late 1970s as a fringe topic in feminist theory, the guide explains that researchers in the field now study issues like “patriarchy, identity, embodiment, spatial subjectivities, [and] emotional geographies.”

The guide also touts feminist geographers as key players in the fight to “challenge the masculinist formation of science as objective, gender-neutral, and value-free” through their deployment of “feminist [knowledge] and [research methods].”


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irishgladiator63 | April 1, 2018 at 3:55 pm

So what does a feminist map look like?

I have no idea what they are talking about. When I went to school geography and geology were studies concerning the world, the earth — as a geologist, I specialized in what some might call rock science and engineering. Not some politically correct nonsense.

A female who designs a tunnel through 1,000 feet of limestone better use the same the same real world engineering that I do!

Feminist map: the only accurate feature plotted on it is the Road to Hell.