Ken Bone is the red sweater wearing man who became an internet sensation after asking a question at the second presidential debate in 2016. He was eventually demonized by the left for having the wrong view of the Trayvon Martin shooting during an “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

Now Bone is in the news again. He claims that his son was suspended from school for attending a shooting range with him during non-school hours.

See the tweet below:

Danny Wicentowski writes at the Riverfront Times:

Photo of Ken Bone, His Son and a Gun Attracts Police Attention, Suspension

Ken Bone mania has faded into the background since his days as the red-cardiganed sweetheart of St. Louis’ 2016 presidential debate, but now K-Bone is back!

This time, instead of a befuddling national obsession (or perhaps subject of coastal mockery), the memorably memeable phenom claims that he’s entangled his son in a school suspension and “pending police investigation.”

On Monday, Bone tweeted out a photo of himself and his son at a gun range. Here’s the context: The elder Bone was weighing in on a thread between a D.C. lawyer and Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, who, unlike many other students who lived through that massacre, is avowedly pro-gun and is actively opposing calls for more gun control.

On Monday, Kashuv claimed that he’d been questioned by police after he posted videos of himself shooting an AR-15 at a gun range during a visit there with his father.

This Twitter exchange followed:

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports what happened next:

Bone said he talked to a detective with the Belleville Police Department, who told Bone that they would call the principal of his son’s school, St. Clair ROE Safe School, in the morning. Belleville police confirmed that they took a report about the incident.

“I”m not sure what the school wants investigated,” Bone said Thursday evening. “There’s no threat to the school — the picture is over a year old.”

Bone said he pointed out to the principal that his son hadn’t posted the photo.

“It’s mine,” Bone said. “(My son) doesn’t even have a Twitter account.”

School officials said they could not comment on student discipline or ongoing investigations.

St. Clair ROE Safe School in Belleville, which Bone’s son Logan attends, is a high school for students who are “expulsion-eligible,” according to its website.

Bone said his son was expelled from his previous school for bringing a pocket knife to campus, adding that it was a “mistake” and his son hadn’t threatened anyone with it.

Since when can schools suspend people for lawful activity off of school grounds?

According to the Belleville News-Democrat, Bone’s son was reinstated Friday and will be able to return to school Monday:

School officials say they contacted police about a photo of Ken Bone’s son shooting a gun at a range because “there was ambiguous language that raised our concerns.”

Bone, the Shiloh man who became a celebrity after appearing in a presidential debate, said Thursday that his son was suspended from school over the retreat, but the suspension was lifted Friday.

Bone said his son, Logan, who goes to the St. Clair County ROE Safe School in Belleville, was suspended Friday after the elder Bone posted a picture on Twitter of the two of them at a shooting range. In the photo, Logan is shooting a SCAR17 semiautomatic rifle that Bone rented for the day at the range.

Friday afternoon, however, Bone tweeted that his son was cleared to return to school on Monday.

…Bone added there is no agreement with the school that he or his son stay away from weapons.