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Howard University Students Occupy Building Demanding Police Disarm

Howard University Students Occupy Building Demanding Police Disarm

“in an effort to get college officials to cave to its demands”

Howard has financial problems and major housing issues but this is what the students are protesting?

The College Fix reports:

Howard University group occupies building, demands campus police disarm

Members of a Howard University student group have “taken over” a campus administrative building in an effort to get college officials to cave to its demands.

According to The Hilltop, the group HU Resist occupied the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson building beginning yesterday, eventually leading to “hundreds of students” joining in. One of the catalysts was the news of financial impropriety among campus financial aid employees; records show they stole $1 million in (financial aid) funding.

Nevertheless, the Hilltop report says HU Resist’s demands “reach far wider.”

Early last week the group put out a two-page missive detailing what the Howard administration must do. The preface states

Throughout its history, Howard University has failed to prioritize the interests of its student body, and we refuse to suffer the impact of administrative negligence in silence. In order to transform our institution into a democratic, Black University that acts as a safe-haven for all Black students, we must have student power and administrative accountability. In the words of Frederick Douglass, “power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Among the demands:

— “the immediate disarming of campus police officers and the formation of a Police Oversight Committee controlled by students, faculty, staff, and off-campus community representatives.” Because “if the University truly respects the value of Black life,” it will take measures to prevent “lethal violence.”


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Anyone have stats on NON-POHLEESE violence against students, in particular black-on-black “non-lethal” (or even lethal?) violence over recent timeframes?

Any protests result from that?

Any outcry about the lack of protection provided to these victims or the response time, if any, on the part of whatever “authorities” (armed or otherwise) to react to these crimes against their insular, cloister “community”?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

henrybowman | April 2, 2018 at 3:49 pm

Howard University is a private, historically black university located in Washington, D.C. Howard has the highest violent crime rate among medium-sized colleges with an average of 2.88 violent crimes per 1,000 students. Howard reported more robberies than any other medium-sized school with 48 between 2011 and 2013. Howard’s 2012 robbery count was revised last year to include 11 robberies that were recorded by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Sounds like a self-solving problem to me.

Just do away with the campus police, and let the students fend for themselves.

The big question is how will the students blame these problems on Whitey?