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Houston Area Councilwoman Slapped With Misdemeanor for Berating Trump Shirt Wearing Teenage Girl

Houston Area Councilwoman Slapped With Misdemeanor for Berating Trump Shirt Wearing Teenage Girl

“Grab em by the p*ssy girls!”

Four teenage girls were standing in line at Tiny’s Milk and Cookies in West University Place, a tiny municipality nestled within the Houston city limits. They were waiting to buy cookies for kids at their church. One of the teenaged-girls was wearing a Trump t-shirt that said, “Make America Great Again.”

While waiting, West U Councilwoman Kellye Burke walked up to them and screamed, “Grab em by the p*ssy girls!” They tried to laugh it off, but Burke kept on.

Again, she screamed expletives at the girls, who were then frightened. Burke then yelled “MAGA!” repeatedly while shaking her fist, according to one of the girl’s fathers, who accompanied them to the bakery.

The girls never responded and left without saying a word, one fearful this woman might hurt her.

None of them were aware Burke was a councilwoman until after the fact.

The families and the girls spoke to local news under the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

Burke was charged with a Class C misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. Burke apologized to one family. They accepted her apology.

From local news:

The girls said they were in line at Tiny’s Milk and Cookies in West U on Saturday, waiting to buy cookies for younger girls at their nearby church.

“A tall, short-haired blond woman came up to them and screamed, ‘Grab em by the (expletive) girls!'” the father of one of the girls said. He did not want to be identified, fearing retaliation against his daughter.

The girls initially tried to laugh it off, the father said.

“Then, she yells it again!” the father said. “At that point the girls were getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts, you know, going, ‘MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!’ while shaking her fist.”

One of the girls was wearing a shirt that read, “Trump: Make America Great Again,” the father said.

The father said the girls left without responding to the woman. He said one of the girls said she noticed that Burke had taken a picture of her.

“They were scared,” the father said. “They were absolutely scared. My little girl essentially wanted to know if this woman was going to hurt her.”

West U police referred the case to Harris County Precinct One Constable’s office, which filed a class C misdemeanor charge against Burke.

When KPRC2 knocked at Burke’s door, she yelled from inside, “What are you doing at my house?”

“You know why we’re here at your house,” KPRC2 anchor and reporter Jacob Rascon said. She claimed to have no idea. “The disorderly conduct charge,” Rascon responded.

“I’m putting my kids to bed!” she yelled. “Go away!”

“Adults can’t behave towards children like that, period,” the father said.

He said Burke reached out to his wife, and met with and apologized to both of them.

“We accepted her apology,” the father said. “I would be just as angry if any parent said this to my child but as an elected official I’ll let her voters handle this matter.

Anyone who feels the need to scream at children over politics has absolutely no business in politics.


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Leftists are all such lunatics.

I don’t know this woman, but this is MY town and I’m absolutely APPALLED that this woman, councilwoman or not, acted in such a threatening manner towards CHILDREN! We used to have manners in this town and I hope Ms. Burke finds that “what goes around, comes around.”

    DINORightMarie in reply to AmandaFitz. | April 5, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    I hope you help her constituents to understand what she did, and to whom.

    An apology is not enough to erase what she did, and she should suffer the consequences by having to vacate her council-seat.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 5, 2018 at 3:16 pm

A classy broad…

    One minor quibble. As far as I’m concerned “broad” is a title of nobility. I would never look down my nose at a broad. This thing doesn’t deserve it. It’s a compliment.

    Same goes for Dame. Which really is a title of nobility.

    Otherwise, two thumbs up for what you said.

And all along I mistakenly thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a punch line!

… is a socially liberal behavior, that Trump observed in a socially liberally context. Why abort the messenger? We know what he said, but what he did is an occult myth, propagated by the press, that steps on what would have been a consensual (neither involuntary nor superior) relationship. That said, burn the warlock.

West U is a wealthy little village right in the middle of Houston. Houses run from $500k to the millions. I am surprised she is an Aggie. From the West U City Government website:

A native Texan, Kellye Burke has lived in West U for more than 10 years. Since moving to West U in 2006, Burke has worked as an independent business consultant providing project management, performance targets, software selection, and process improvement for industrial and manufacturing clients.

After earning her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Texas A&M University, she began her career in Investment Marketing in San Antonio with USAA, the financial services company serving military members and their families. While working in San Antonio, Burke earned her Master’s of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University. She then joined Arthur Andersen as a business consultant, managing client engagements throughout the Southeast U.S. in the Revenue Enhancement practice. She also served as a Change Management instructor at Arthur Andersen’s Center for Professional Development.

I guess her p**sy flavored ice cream got the best of her… Former councilwoman…

4th armored div | April 5, 2018 at 4:08 pm

sounds more like a #NeverTrumper then a SJW

you can identify how good you are by the enemies you make.

The apology should be to all patriotic people.

    AmandaFitz in reply to 4th armored div. | April 5, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    I just saw the local news about this incident and the women interviewed, West U. residents, uniformly condemned Ms. Burke’s actions, one saying “…it’s about respect, respect for the girls’ opinions; they have a right to their opinions.” Ms. Burke IS a SJW- she is part of the Mom’s Demand Action group and was their statewide “captain” at one point. She’s hiding out in her house and is not talking to the media- no surprise.

Do you think this is really part of their plan? Grind the public down with embarrassing, violent displays on a daily basis until people say ‘enough’ let the sore losers back into the State Capitol, the house, the senate? I hope it backfires, and convinces people to get rid of more of these Burkes instead.

Class C Misdemeanor charge? I wish they could put her in the stocks!

He said Burke reached out to his wife, and met with and apologized to both of them.

So … there should be no problem getting a conviction, right?

She’s a business consultant? Someone should go full Hogg on her: identify all of her customers, publicly shame them for doing business with her, and drive her out of business.

She seems nice. If she moved to California, should could probably run for state office.

Good for the constable for charging Burke.

As to accepting her apology … if it was me … no way would I do it. People in her position that behave as she did say they’re sorry because they were caught … not because they think their behavior was wrong.

Are you sure she is not Ann Coulter in Drag???

14 acres? That’s four times as many as required to issue quite a bit down on that hag. Which they should have done.

Four teenagers? That’s four times as many as required to issue quite a bit down on that hag. Which they should have done.

Thank you, AutoCorrect.

Now that she’s been slapped with a misdemeanor, she should be slapped. After all, punishment is part of the scheme.

SeekingRationalThought | April 5, 2018 at 9:09 pm

This incident raises an important question. What price should this damaged woman pay? The decent thing to do is to forgive her, but this will only encourage her and others to abuse additional children or even adults. While I don’t necessarily think this merits government action (setting aside for the moment her government position) and feel sorry for an obviously disturbed woman, something needs to be done to discourage such sick, unacceptable conduct. I’ve come to the conclusion that society DOES need to judge her. Her family, neighbors and friends need to tell her that she shames them and herself and that should such activity continue, they will drop her. Personally, I would drop her based on what she has already done, but can see that second chances have a place in this. The bottom line is that if we stay quiet when friends and family act this badly, we share responsibility for their actions. Good, old fashioned social judgement and shunning may be the least problematic solution. I recognize that such a societal change will take time, but we have to start taking the first steps if we have any respect for ourselves, society and innocent children.

There’s more to the story. The reason Kellye Burke went crazy and mean on these girls is because she is hurting.

Trump’s remarks about celebrity groupies giving up their bodies (and dignity) for the chance to get that weekly envelope of cash on their dresser hit Kellye on a deep and personal level. Very similar (almost exactly) to when an entitled bitch with an MRS degree realizes she is just a cheap trailer park trash whore. Easily played, used up and discarded. And the whole time, even the last few clingy desperate years, she thought she was the one exploiting them.

So she lashes out at the first person she could associate with Trump. She was probably too unhinged to notice they were children. Or maybe the syphilis is finally affecting her brain.

Love him or hate him, it’s remarkable how he causes so many people to reveal their true nature, even more so because they end up behaving worse than Trump.

Eastwood Ravine | April 5, 2018 at 11:42 pm

My first reaction to this story: oh, abortion barby is back in the news.

I was going to post a you-tube Psycho clip, especially since ironically, she looks a bit like Janet Leigh, but it seemed a bit too real to be funny.

What possible justification is there for any person to respond this way towards a child wearing a T-shirt? Clearly this is a form of insanity and this council woman should be removed from office for being mentally unstable. She should also not be allowed to own a gun (Oh how I do crack myself up).

Still a Councilwoman though, yeah?

Oh, think there’s any chance her display of vicious HATE convinced any of those girls to abandon their American values and convert to Liberalism?

Of course not. Such hatred and contempt resulted in Trump, and doubling down on that behavior will not only drive more Americans to Conservative / Populists candidates but will do so PERMANENTLY.

I expect this honest confession to earn me some serious demerits. But I’m not above hitting a woman. I have been in some knock down fights with women. And they can fight like tigers. I thought they’d be intimidated by my superior size and strength.

No, I actually had to pummel them. A desperate woman, who needs to steal to live, is not a foe to take lightly.

Make of me what you will. I don’t care, I did what I found necessary.

I bet I wouldn’t be reduced to beating this woman. I bet my command voice would do the trick.

One woman sticks out particularly in my mind. She was bold. She walked into the store with an obviously empty canvas bag. Then she tried to walk out with a full bag. I confronted her and she picked me up an slammed me into the window.

The fight was f***ing on at that point. I later went to the hospital to get a tetanus shot because she bit me on the only side of her mouth that had teeth.

Otherwise, I’m always a gentleman.

In case you’re curious, she didn’t ask. She took.

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | April 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    I’m curious to know what the person giving me the thumbs down is thinking. Some women are strong. You don’t know that? And yes I’ve tangled with a few. I didn’t like it. I thought of my mom and my sister. But if a woman is capable of picking me up and slamming me against a window there are no holds barred at that point.

To whoever gave me a thumbs down, had she asked I would have bought her food. I’ve done it before for men and women. Once she stole I was obligated to stop her.

Sorry, that’s just the way my world works. Feel free to give me all the thumbs down you want.

I’m frowned upon by the pro-theft crowd. Fine.

    elle in reply to Arminius. | April 6, 2018 at 11:05 am

    you are one tough dude. If women are going to have equal rights, then you should be allowed to defend yourself from a woman who steals a bag full of goods and then pickes you up an slamms you into the window. Equal rights.

    As for this woman, step back and count. It hurts her far more to call attention to what a raging psycho she is. Yeesh. If the left had any brains, they’d use her as the poster child for gun control.

Will anyone be surprised when one of these morons like Kellye picks on the wrong kid, or kids, and gets a fractured eye socket and some busted teeth for her troubles. It’s not if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be when. And when that happens a few times we’ll hear about fewer and fewer of these incidents.

This woman is another canary in the coal mine. Certainly, she is dangerously ill, but she reflects what many others think but are stable enough to restrain themselves from expressing in public.

The self-righteous fervor of the average anti-Trumper is truly becoming alarming. They watch Ellen and The Ol’ Biddy Show etc., etc., where conservatives are their modern day N-words and they laugh and think to themselves, “At least I”m better than them”. It never occurs to them the true elite don’t view them any differently than an illiterate KKK member would have viewed Frederick Douglass.

It is a sad thing to behold the intensity of the hatred that normal neighbors and friends have been whipped into.

The sad thing is she believed she could do it with no consequences!

To Arminius: methinks that sometimes you worry about what other people think. A down vote here should be worn proudly as a badge of honor.

Weaker sex or not, the moment she assaulted you, it’s game on.

buckeyeminuteman | April 6, 2018 at 1:18 pm

If someone was screaming at my children, especially using that word, I wouldn’t be so kind or restrained. There’s nothing that anyone can say to me that I find offensive. Don’t like my red MAGA hat and tell me so, I don’t give a crap. Start yelling at my kids who are minding their own business and you’re going to get yourself embarrassed.

Repeat it over and over, put it in every speech, put it in every commercial.