The left doesn’t want to debate issues. They want to get their way and will do almost anything to get it.

Campus Reform reports:

Jefferson statue vandalized at Hofstra University

A Thomas Jefferson statue at Hofstra University has been repeatedly vandalized in the wake of dueling student demonstrations over whether it should be removed from campus.

On April 2, students protested for and against the removal of the statue outside the Hofstra student center. Some students held the American flag in front of the statue and protested against the erasure of history, while others carried signs reading “SLAVER” and demanded the founding father’s removal.

Images obtained by Campus Reform show that the Jefferson statue has since been vandalized multiple times.

Stickers reading “Decolonize” and the text “Black Lives Matter” alongside a clenched fist were placed on the statue on April 19, leaving residue on the statue.

Additionally, on April 20, the statue was marred with white spray-paint, and a paper bearing the words “Black Lives Matter” was taped to the statue’s forehead.

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