Identity politics invades every aspect of campus life, even when it comes to faith.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard to create new LGBTQ ‘religious support group’

Harvard University will soon offer a “religious support group” to LGBTQ students, several months after the university hit a campus Christian organization with sanctions related to a controversy surrounding a bisexual group member.

Harvard’s Office of BGLTQ Student Life will head the group which will “respond to the religious needs of students of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations,” according to The Harvard Crimson.

The group, which is intended to “bring greater attention” to “inclusive religious spaces,” according to The Crimson, is not yet developed in any significant way, according to university officials. Sheehan Scarborough, the director of the BGLTQ office, told the student newspaper that it is “far too early” to answer any questions about the new organization.

In an email to the “Harvard BGLTQ List,” Sheehan said said that “questions about acceptance, community, and connection are alive for people of many religious traditions right now.”

“There are many ways, and many communities, in which to be queer and religious,” he added.

The group appears to be at least in part a response to the controversy surrounding the campus Christian group Harvard College Faith & Action, which was subject to administrative censure earlier this semester following a sustained on-campus controversy.