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Germany Home to 11,000 Islamist Extremists, says Interior Ministry

Germany Home to 11,000 Islamist Extremists, says Interior Ministry

Berlin, Hamburg emerge as major Islamist strongholds

The German Interior Ministry has reported a significant rise in the number of Islamist extremists living in the country. Officially classified as Salafists, or radicalized Muslims, their number has crossed 11,000 for the first time.

Five years ago the intelligence agencies had placed their number at 5,500—almost half of the present size. Those figures have been on an upward swing since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders to migrants in the autumn of 2015.

The latest revelations should come as a wake-up call for the Merkel government which has spent millions of euros in ineffective de-radicalization programs aimed at young Muslims. This year German government has earmarked €100 million for ‘de-radicalizing’ the growing number of potential jihadis in the country.

Cities of Berlin and Hamburg were emerging as major Islamist strongholds, the latest data suggested. The German weekly DER SPIEGEL reported:

The Salafists scene in Germany has grown significantly in past five years. According to the Federal Interior Ministry, around 11,000 people hold allegiance to this ultra-conservative version of Islam.Their numbers have doubled since 2013. At that time the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution [Germany’s domestic spy agency, or BfV] had estimated their number at around 5,500. […]

It has been noted that smaller federal states, such as Hamburg or Berlin, have seen a higher surge in the number of Salafists compared to the larger ones, the newspaper TAGESSPIEGEL wrote quoting security experts. Meanwhile, 898 Salafists live in Hamburg, TAGESSPIEGEL reported citing domestic spy agency (BfV). More than half of them (434) are classified as jihadis and therefore considered violent.

The Islamist scene in North Rhine-Westphalia [Germany’s most populous state] is dominated by women. Police there have been monitoring dozens of female Salafists. Work is underway to prepare a list of banned mosques in the state.

Federal Criminal Office [the German equivalent of the FBI] has classified around 760 people as dangerous Islamists—those considered capable of carrying out acts of terror by the law enforcement. More than half of them are currently in German and 153 are serving prison time. [Translation by the author]

Around 1,000 German jihadis had left the country to join the ISIS. The collapse of the Islamic Caliphate in Syria and Iraq has forced hundreds of them to come home. Instead of taking measures to block their entry into the country, Merkel’s government is planning to bring back the wives and children of German ISIS fighters who are currently being held by the Iraqi or Kurdish forces. Merkel’s government has justified this decision by claiming “humanitarian considerations” and “Germany’s duty to protect its citizens,” the German public broadcaster DEUTSCHE WELLE reported.

Last November, Hans-Georg Maassen, the chief of Germany’s BfV intelligence agency, publicly cautioned the government of the severe threat posed by these ISIS women and children ‘heading home’ to Germany. “There are children who have been brainwashed and highly radicalized at ‘schools’ in IS-held areas,” Maassen said. “It’s a problem for us because many of these kids and teenagers can at times be dangerous.”

Returning ISIS fighters and the unregulated mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries will only compound Germany’s surging Islamist threat. With ‘de-radicalizing’ programs failing miserably to contain the problem, the German government might consider securing the country’s borders and deporting foreign Islamists. But with Chancellor Merkel at the helm for four more years that won’t be happening any time soon.

Video: German Intel chief raises alarm over ISIS children returning from Syria

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blah deblah | April 6, 2018 at 9:20 am

Next time it won’t be with boxcutters and hijacked planes, kids.

And how many of the new rapefugees support Isis and its goals? How many are just fine with mass rapes on new years or beating women for showing an inch of skin? Way more than ten grand.

It’s the ninety percent of Muslims who give the good ten percent a bad name.

Remove Mutti Merkel from office. Remove the new Muslims from Germany. Pretend like you want to survive as a free Germany.

    bobtuba in reply to Whitewall. | April 6, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    The Germans don’t have the stones to do that anymore. They have bred successive generations of Men Without Chests. They are finished.

The German national anthem used to the first verse of the song, as the words people normally sang:
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all else in the world,
When it steadfastly holds together,
Offensively and defensively,
With brotherhood.
From the Maas to the Memel,
From the Etsch to the [Little] Belt,
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all else in the world.

I guess that was too nationalistic, so now they use the less offensive words of the third verse:
Unity and rights and freedom
for the German fatherland.
Let us strive for it together,
brotherly with heart and hand.
Unity and rights and freedom
are the basis of good fortune.
Flower in the light of this good fortune,
flower German fatherland.

Before much longer, they’ll have to start singing a new verse that glorifies Muhammed.

Why not seek to legally ban radical islamists and their supporters from entering our countries? As in, why allow individuals who hate us and our way of life to enter?

    JusticeDelivered in reply to sandbox2. | April 7, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Not just ban, we need to expel any which do not meet milestones on assimilation. Islam operates like a nasy cult, and should be legally classified as such.

“Oh shut up, silly woman. You knew damn well I was a snake.”

We would be having that here if things had gone a little bit differently.

The Germans are facing a deteriorating situation. The Islamists will never assimilate. At least they have some past experience with putting the squeeze on ghettoes. They may need to brush up on it.

    elle in reply to Elric. | April 6, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Given Germany’s history, I would not be comfortable being a Muslim there. It may well be that a strongman will come to power shortly and do just that. If they do, I don’t doubt that the trains will run on time. None of this will end well.

“This year German government has earmarked €100 million for ‘de-radicalizing’ the growing number of potential jihadis in the country.”

Well there’s 100 million Euros flushed down the crapper!

Frau Merkel: “Gee, I just paid 100 million to convince a snake that it was a bunny and the damn thing bit me!”

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Redneck Law. | April 6, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    30 thousand bullets would be far less expensive and far more effective. That is the only effective cure for what ails these people.