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Georgetown Students Defend Second Amendment, Want Campus Police Armed

Georgetown Students Defend Second Amendment, Want Campus Police Armed

“ensure both students and campus police have access to firearms as a method of self-defense”

This is amazing news. It’s the opposite of what’s happening at so many other schools.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Georgetown students defend Second Amendment, call on university to arm police officers

In response to the ongoing debate about the safety of gun-free college campuses, students at one private university have called on their school’s administration to take necessary action to ensure both students and campus police have access to firearms as a method of self-defense.

Students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., are calling for campus administrators to fully arm the on-campus police force, in addition to allowing students the choice to carry guns for self-defense while on campus.

Currently, university regulations restrict the ability of the police to guarantee a safe environment on campus, as police officers are not given guns to carry. According to the Georgetown University Police Department, “All GUPD officers are unarmed. … Officers carry safety batons and pepper spray and are provided with a protective vest.”

These unsafe rules and regulations have not gone unnoticed by many students, and now a number of them are choosing to fight back. One student, Amelia Irivine, published a piece in the campus newspaper calling on the university to take steps to ensure the proper safety of students by allowing both the police and students to carry weapons.


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The local Independent School District(ISD) has a police force, as do many Texas ISDs. These forces have power of arrest and are fully armed. Obviously a private institution can’t have an official police force, but they certainly can have armed security. And Texas university and college students with a License to Carry (LTC) may go armed on campus, though only concealed carry as open carry is prohibited. This passed the legislature over the objections of professors and school administrators (and the failed lawsuits of some professors wishing to declare their classrooms “Gun Free Zones”).

    ray in reply to Edward. | April 24, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    This post is about Georgetown University in the District of Columbia, not the university in Georgetown, Texas (Southwestern University).

When I was a student at Georgetown Law a few years a go, the administration was not very nice to the group I formed, The Georgetown Law-Militia, which mainly scheduled speakers for discussion over Second Amendment Rights. The administration threatened us with eliminating this college group, and harassed us for creating events at gun ranges, saying it was too dangerous, meanwhile the faculty encouraged students to travel to dangerous countries like Haiti etc. to do Georgetown’s bidding.

Sounds like it’s time to bring back the Georgetown Law-Militia!