This is amazing news. It’s the opposite of what’s happening at so many other schools.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Georgetown students defend Second Amendment, call on university to arm police officers

In response to the ongoing debate about the safety of gun-free college campuses, students at one private university have called on their school’s administration to take necessary action to ensure both students and campus police have access to firearms as a method of self-defense.

Students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., are calling for campus administrators to fully arm the on-campus police force, in addition to allowing students the choice to carry guns for self-defense while on campus.

Currently, university regulations restrict the ability of the police to guarantee a safe environment on campus, as police officers are not given guns to carry. According to the Georgetown University Police Department, “All GUPD officers are unarmed. … Officers carry safety batons and pepper spray and are provided with a protective vest.”

These unsafe rules and regulations have not gone unnoticed by many students, and now a number of them are choosing to fight back. One student, Amelia Irivine, published a piece in the campus newspaper calling on the university to take steps to ensure the proper safety of students by allowing both the police and students to carry weapons.