Are we supposed to suddenly believe she is the victim in all this?

The Daily Caller reports:

Fresno Prof Blames Racism For Backlash Over Barbara Bush Comments

Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar, in an interview that was published on Tuesday, blamed racism for the backlash she received after attacking former first lady Barbara Bush on Twitter the day she died.

Jarrar, who is of Egyptian, Greek and Palestinian heritage, told The Cut that she believes her own race was certainly a factor in the response to her comments.

“Women of color routinely have their tone policed, their justified anger painted as hatred, and their criticism of injustice framed as racism toward white people,” Jarrar told The Cut.

After calling Bush a “racist” and the mother of a “war criminal,” Jarrar received criticism from a number who felt that she had crossed a line and should be fired. She argued back that she was tenured and therefore could not be fired.