Once again, leftist students face no consequences for bad behavior.

The College Fix reports:

Duke protesters escape punishment, ‘celebrate the win’

It seems the cadre of Duke University protesters will learn not a thing as school officials have decided not to punish them for disrupting President Vincent Price’s speech to alumni.

Last Saturday, the protesters — now calling themselves the People’s State of the University — crashed Price’s address shouting “President Price get off the stage” and “Whose University? Our University,” followed by a list of their demands.

A few days later in a display of unbridled narcissism, the activists expressed disbelief at the negative reaction they got from Duke administrators and alumni, and the fact they might actually be disciplined for their antics.

Not to worry. According to The Chronicle, the university has decided to close the matter.

“We are celebrating this win and are excited to hear that the administration chose the correct action,” the People’s State of the University said in a statement yesterday. “We look forward to working with the administration [toward] fulfilling our vision of a better Duke.”

It may have helped that over 60 faculty members signed off on a letter supporting the demonstrators, including “remnants” of the infamous Group of 88 (sixteen of them, according to KC Johnson).