Poor old Canada.  They so want to give the impression that they are a with it, hip, open borders society, but when push comes to shove, Canada doesn’t want a flood of illegals pouring into their country.

Their latest complaint is about Nigerians who are crossing our northern border into Canada and causing alarm among Canadian officials.  Unwilling to be “the bad guy” and labeled xenophobic racists by tightening their own borders, they want the U. S. to fix their problem for them.

The Washington Post reports:

As Ni­ger­ian asylum seekers flood into Canada across a ditch in Upstate New York, Canadian authorities are asking the United States for help — but not with managing the influx at the border.

Instead, they want U.S. immigration officials to reduce the foot traffic by screening Nigerians more stringently before granting them U.S. visas.

It is a ripple effect that few expected last summer when people, mostly Haitians, began to walk into Quebec via an “irregular” border crossing north of Plattsburgh, N.Y., and seek refugee status.

With the coming of spring, the flow has picked up again. But recently, the asylum seekers have been mostly Ni­ger­ian, and their route to the border is more problematic, Canadian officials say.

. . . .  “They’re not using the visa for the reason it was intended for,” he said.

Canada is not asking U.S. officials to refuse entry to Nigerians, Genest said. It is seeking stricter screening to ensure that Nigerians who are granted U.S. visitor visas truly intend to return home.

As one writer at the Toronto Sun puts it, “Trudeau wants all the benefits of increasing mass immigration – an influx of young workers to offset our aging population – without doing any of the heavy lifting.”


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