It’s amazing what you can do with expertise in such a niche field these days.

The Daily Caller reports:

Yale Honors Fatphobia ‘Expert’ As Prestigious Journalism Fellow

A self-described “leading expert” in “fat discrimination” will speak at Yale University Thursday as a prestigious journalism fellow.

Author and activist Virgie Tovar will give a lecture entitled “Diet Culture, Fatphobia & the New Sexism” at the Ivy League school, according to Yale News. The school selected Tovar as a Poynter Fellow in Journalism, a program that pledges to bring to campus “distinguished reporters, editors and others who have made important contributions to the media.”

Tovar’s accomplishments include founding Babecamp, an online course assisting women who want to “‘break up’ with diet culture,” starting the #LoseHateNotWeight hashtag campaign, and editing “Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion.”

She also has a CBS radio show and BuzzFeed bylines on “plus-size style” articles under her belt.