Richard Landes is a brilliant man who has worked tirelessly for close to two decades to expose the biases and distortions present in worldwide media coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict. I also count him as a friend.

I’ve written about Landes and his work many times before. Among other things, he is the person who uncovered the media’s compliance in shaping the Muhammed al Durah story into anti-Israel propaganda, and he also coined the phrase “Pallywood.”

Now Landes has put out a new video: “Everyone Agrees”. It is well worth watching, and well worth sending to people who might not be aware of the ways in which the media covers up the fact that Palestinian leaders speak one line when addressing the West in English, and quite a different line in Arabic for their more local audiences:

Everyone Agrees: The BBC and CNN on UNSC Resolution #2334 and Kerry's Speech from Al Durah Project on Vimeo.

Landes includes some backup material to the video here.

If you’d like to see more of Richard Landes’ work, please go to his blog The Augean Stables and start exploring.

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