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UW Stevens Point Students Protest Cuts to Liberal Arts Programs

UW Stevens Point Students Protest Cuts to Liberal Arts Programs

“a 13-minute silent sit-in”

These protests are not going to accomplish anything. The school made these changes for the sake of survival.

FOX News reports:

Hundreds protest college’s proposal to drop humanities for more practical majors

Hundreds protested at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus Wednesday over a proposed realignment to the school’s majors — dropping the humanities for an emphasis on more practical courses to lead students to sustainable futures.

University officials have proposed cutting 13 majors, mainly in social studies and the humanities — programs with lower enrollment, the school said.

The 13 programs that could be eliminated are American studies, art, English, French, geography, geoscience, German, history, music literature, philosophy, political science, sociology and Spanish.


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They didn’t cut ethnic studies?

I find it hard to believe that a bunch of student protesters were actually able to stay silent for a full 13 minutes. 1.3 maybe. If they were asleep.

Save these normal studies and cancel the ethnic and sexual identity claiming “studies.”

Honestly, they don’t have a lot of useless programs they can cut. They have small politically-oriented programs in “Women’s and Gender Studies,” “Race and Ethnicity,” and “Native American Studies” which they should cut before humanities, but I don’t think that would save more than a small number of faculty salaries. Certainly English, geography, history, political science, and philosophy must be available for the breadth they contribute to a good education.

Stevens Point has a good reputation in the “hard” sciences, and it has one of the best polymer chemistry departments in the country. I guess they feel they need to build on their strengths. The Univ of Wisconsin has excellent humanities departments, and students will have to go there if they want to major in one of the humanities.

Why are some students so unaware? The college doesn’t need signs, it needs cash. If they want such programs they should pay for it. Students, write the college a check!