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UW-La Crosse to Celebrate ‘Social Justice Week’

UW-La Crosse to Celebrate ‘Social Justice Week’

“Building Revolutionary Communities”

Once again, a celebration of the left’s agenda will be celebrated on a college campus. Odds are, there will be no protests or disruptions. That sort of thing only happens to conservatives.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Social justice rapper’ to give performance at UW-La Crosse

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is slated to host a “Social Justice Week” next month with a focus on “Building Revolutionary Communities.”

According to the university’s website, the lineup will feature “a week of presentations—with afternoon and evening sessions led by experts from across the country” that will “raise awareness of different kinds of social justice issues.”

The event will be the third annual Social Justice Week hosted by UW-La Crosse, and is scheduled to take place April 2-6. According to the event program, the lectures and workshops are sponsored by the UW-La Crosse Institute for Social Justice and will cover topics ranging from racism to political activism.

“‘Revolutionary communities’ are built the same way as all communities—through interactions over time,” one event description reads. “The constitution of a community is found in the nature of these interactions. Therefore, to build revolutionary communities, our interactions themselves have to embody ‘revolutionary’ principles as much as possible.”

Another “roundtable” discussion seeks to address “fraternity and sorority life” and explore methods by which it can become a “tool for social change.”

“What if fraternities and sororities could be a tool for social change and not an obstacle?” the description of the lecture states. “Fraternity & Sorority Life is rooted in elite membership and a loyal commitment to a set of values and standards. Shifting culture is no easy task.”


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Social Justice Week = No Justice Fascism Week

“Odds are, there will be no protests or disruptions. That sort of thing only happens to conservatives”

If there were any disruptions, I believe we would find the police being suddenly interested in doing their jobs, unlike what happens the progressives disrupt things.