This made its way into my feed and I selfishly decided I would not suffer in solitude, thus this post.

Wednesday morning, Utah’s House of Representatives tweeted a music video explaining how a bill becomes law.

The bastard child of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and School House Rock’s, “I’m just a bill“, “Fresh Prints of Bill Here” is painfully cringe-worthy, but cute and endearing in the way your Grandma misuses a completely random pop culture reference.

If you’re not triggered by memories of your 16-year-old self mortified or struck with giggle fits watching your parents try their hand at the whole “being cool” thing, then I’m not sure you can fully appreciate the awkwardness that lies ahead.

See for yourself:

That closing scene though:

Forgetting that they’ve used a song from the 90s as a hip, vogue, or otherwise rad canvas, we can safely confirm Utah’s lawmakers may be skilled at representing their constituents, but there is not a single beat of rhythm to be found in that entire House.

Since we’re talking about it, I suppose it’s a success on some level, right?

Relatedly, I’ll never look at the Fresh Prince theme song the same again.


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