Keep this in mind the next time some progressive journalist claims the campus free speech crisis is imagined.

The College Fix reports:

Student group cancels discussion on free speech because of generalized ‘safety’ concerns

McMaster University students aren’t afraid of what might happen if they attend a “drop-in” discussion on “white privilege and whiteness,” led by Prof. Daniel Coleman.

They apparently have to fear for their safety if they attend a discussion about campus free speech, though.

A student group at the Canadian university canceled a panel discussion scheduled for Thursday after “several student groups and faculty reached out to both our executives and to one of the panelists expressing serious concerns about the safety of the event and about the history of our panelists,” it told The College Fix in a series of Facebook messages Wednesday.

Overcome the Gap, an anti-poverty group, said there were no specific threats against the “Tolerating Intolerance” event, which was to feature the controversial Acadia University professor Rick Mehta among other academics.

Its thought process reveals something depressing about campus culture in 2018, particularly in Canada: Hecklers don’t have to go through with heckling. They just have to threaten to heckle to accomplish their censorious agenda, and/or convince the weakest link to drop out.

It’s likely to work.