Who sat down and thought this was a guide that needed to be created?

Campus Reform reports:

University offers guide on ‘talking to kids about whiteness’

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has a new “resource for parents” to help them with “talking to kids about whiteness.”

“Given all the race, national origin, class-based violence, anti-blackness, and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the media and the subsequent backlash from white-identified people and groups, there is a growing need for mindful, supportive education for white children,” asserts the post sponsored by the UMBC Student Life Mosaic and Interfaith Centers.

The page then lists three articles as suggested readings for parents and families: “What White Children Need to Know about Race,” “We need to deal with our discomfort and talk to our kids about racism,” and “Curriculum for White Americans To Educate Themselves on Race and Racism-from Ferguson to Charleston.”

The first article, “What White Children Need to Know about Race,” discusses the “deep sense of shame” that the author experiences when discussing the subject of race, which he traces to the fact that his white family never engaged in conversations about race when he was growing up.

“Most white adults and teens participate in conversations about race only when there is a problem. They need support in changing their worldview to see the ways in which race is always present, regardless of whether there are problems associated with it,” Ali Michael states.

“Being white may have little meaning to some whites, but that does not mean it has no meaning. All white people are white in the context of a society that continues to disadvantage people of color based on race,” he adds, saying white people do not have to “deal with those disadvantages.”

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